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Jahirul Islam Founder of Textile Suppliers

Jahirul Islam

CEO, Founder Textile Suppliers
Md. Jahirul Islam completed his M.Sc. in Textile Science and Engineering from Wuhan Textile University, China. After completing his Master’s Degree successfully, he joined Suzhou Meidao Textile Technology Co, Ltd as Country Manager for Bangladesh Market.
Mahedi Hasan

Md Mahedi Hasan

Textile Writer and SEO Expert
Md Mahedi Hasan is a 3rd year Student of Textile Engineering College, Noakhali. Purchasing B.Sc. in Textile Engineering Degree from the Apparel Engineering Department. Writing content for the last 3+ years. Top Rated Content Writer at Upwork. Level 01 Seller at Fiverr. Having experience in textile writing content and SEO for at least a dozen of Textile Websites. An estimated 300-400+ article has ranked on google as a ghostwriter and humongous well.
Md sharowar Hossain

Md sharowar Hossain

Co-founder, High end beauty & fashion retoucher
Md Sharowar Hossain is a Co-Founder of Textile Suppliers. Completed Honours in economics. Professionally High-end beauty & fashion retoucher.