Guest Post Guideline for Textile Suppliers

Do you have hands-on experience in dealing with fashion or textile-related content? Are you looking for a website to submit your content? If the answer is Yes, go through the entire article to learn the know-how on Guest post guidelines for website-textile details.

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Guest Post Guidelines 

Here are some points that come as guidelines for guest post writers. If you adhere to these guidelines, your chance of getting accepted for content increases eventually. They are:

  1. Research and Identify the Niche

As a guest post writer, your first and foremost task is to research and identify the topic, Textile suppliers usually publish for their target audience. You can just go through their website or blog to understand their criteria and area of research.

After all, contents matter. Also, consider factors for instance, the engagement and social media link, and put them in an Excel or document file to access later on.

  • Word Count Limitation

Guest blog posts usually require a minimum of 500 to a maximum of 1500 words. An in-depth analysis of the content of 1000 words is perfect.

  • Formatting Preference

Start with a captivating introduction, break down your content in subheadings, make small paragraphs to enhance the readability for mobile phone users, and add relevant images and YouTube video links to enhance the overall visual appeal of the article.


  • Highlight the relevance

If you have already aligned your interest in writing content to the guest post site- Textile details, now it is your time to highlight the relevance. Showcase the unique angle of your writing. Focus on how your content article will benefit the audience. Hence, keep your pitch in a compelling, engaging, concise at the same time professional tone.

  • Sending the Pitch

Send your pitch first before writing the content for approval. You can also write the entire article and send it to the designated mail under the guest post.

  • Proofreading and Editing

Before submitting your guest post article, spend quality time proofreading as well as editing. Go through the article and check for plagiarism, grammar or spelling errors, proper formatting, readability, and a smooth content flow. If possible, take a review of your article from your closed ones.

  • Author Bio

The author bio is a brief synopsis. A brief synopsis of the author's experience, qualifications, and area of expertise is usually included in the author bio of guest contributions. To create a compelling author bio, keep it brief and interesting for the reader while emphasizing your experience with the subject of the post.

  • Sending the article

Textile Suppliers require you to send the article via email. Always send the article in Google Docs, or MS Office file so that it can be edited before publishing.


Guest Post Ideas

Discover new angles and insightful viewpoints by perusing our list of potential guest post ideas. Find subjects that connect with our community and stimulate thought-provoking conversations, from professional advice to industry trends. Here, we are suggesting some guest post ideas:

  • The Best 10 Fabric/Tricks for Fabric

  • Case Study Analysis of Faric

  • Upcoming Fabric Trends

  • The Complete How-to Manual

  • Frequently Held Myths in Textiles

  • Review of Product or Service

  • Opinion Post about a textile product or fabric

  • Interview with Textile Experts

  • FAQs Addressed

  • Career advice in Textile

  • Underrated fabrics and their uses.

  • This fabric vs. that fabric: A comparison

  • Textile Industry Review


  1. "Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Fabric for Textile Manufacturing Project"
  2. "5 Sustainable Fabrics to Consider for Your Eco-Friendly Wardrobe"
  3. "From Cotton to Silk: Exploring Origins and Characteristics of Different Fabrics"
  4. "DIY Fabric Crafts: Simple Projects to Spruce Up Your Home Decor"
  5. "The Art of Fabric Dyeing: Techniques and Tips for Stunning Results"
  6. "Fabric Care 101: How to Properly Wash, Dry, and Store Your Fabrics"
  7. "Understanding Fabric Weaves:  Introduction to Twill, Satin, and More"
  8. "The Latest Fabric Trends and Developments"
  9. "Creative Ways to Upcycle Old Fabrics into Fashionable Pieces"
  10. "Psychology of Color in Fabric Selection: How Different Hues Influence Mood and Style"


  • What topics are you looking for in guest posts?

Textile Suppliers is looking for topics on fabrics, fashionable wear, and textile-related information.

  • Is there any preferred word count for guest posts?

Yes, the preferred word count for guest posts is a minimum of 1000 words for an in-depth article.

  • Do you allow promotional links within guest posts?

No, at Textile Suppliers, we do not allow any promotional links or sponsored tags in guest post blogs. Published fashion articles do not have any sponsored labels. Hence, the article looks natural to search engines 100%. 

  • How can I submit a guest post article on Textile Suppliers?

You can send your guest post article or content via email.

  • What is the turnaround time for publishing guest posts?

We take 1-2 business days to publish your guest post content.

  • Do you provide any compensation or incentives for guest posts?

No, but the guest post belongs to you. The guest post will be published under your name. 

  • Can I include images or multimedia content with my guest post?

Yes, Putting relevant images, YouTube video links, and any other multimedia content on the topic is encouraged. 

Wants to Guest Post Submission at Textile Suppliers?

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