For an extended period, most sports athletes and coaches have been wearing coach jackets without the intention of making them fashionable. However, streetwear brands worldwide have been picking up on this clothing as an iconic fit, perfect for anyone.

Coach jackets are usually compared with the basic windbreakers and consist of slash pockets and a fold-over collar. They are versatile pieces of clothing, and anyone can style them in various ways without looking bad.

This article will dive further into coach jacket and other things to know about it.

What is a Coach Jacket?

Coach jackets look similar to windbreakers and are mostly made of nylon. Usually, coach jackets consist of squared-off collars, and they have a front opening. The opening can also be closed by snap-up buttons. Some of the coach jackets consist of a soft interior lining which helps the jacket to keep the wearer warm.

Coach Jacket

Although most coach jackets are built to keep the user warm, even if the interior lining is not present, they are not suitable for the heavy winter season. Various brands manufacture coach jackets, so the product quality may vary.

What Are Coach Jackets Made of?

In most cases, coach jackets are made of nylon, a classic and standard fabric used in many modern-day clothing items. Nylon is a durable, lightweight and soft material that many people prefer for its comfort. Coach jackets are lightweight, and people wear them over other clothing because it is easy to layer up.

Making process of Coach Jacket

Some coach jackets are also manufactured using cotton or have a polyester blend. Usually, these jackets are worn outside by coaches under the sun, they do not consist of another lining. As a result, such jackets are not capable of keeping the body warm. However, some jackets come with a Sherpa or fleece lining, and they can keep the body temperature of the user high during winter. Even so, some jackets might also have technical wind-breaking capabilities.

History of Coach Jackets.

Coach jackets have been around since the early 1990s, but the style has evolved significantly. In the beginning, these jackets were strictly worn by coaches. Still, eventually, other people started styling them due to the jacket’s versatility and comfortability. Almost all the 90s sportswear has reemerged in different brand catalogues as different fashion lines.

A Historical Image of Coach Jackets

These jackets were mostly manufactured in European countries and USA. As time went on, other countries from all around the world also started to produce them. Now, you can find coach jackets from several brands and in various fashion.

Types of Coach Jackets.

Coach jackets come in different types due to the rise of the fashion industry. Now, not only coaches wear it, but others who want to style a trendy jacket are also reaching for them. Here are some of the common types of coach jackets.

Types of Coach Jackets.

  1. Cotton Coach Jacket –One of the most comfortable coach jackets to wear is made from cotton as they let maximum air flow and do not stick to the skin when the weather gets humid. They are also good to store as they do not take up much space.
  2. Nylon Coach Jacket –These are the OG coach jackets that took over the world when the high school coaches started wearing them during football training. These jackets have a tough outer shell and are waterproof. You do not have to worry much about maintaining these.
  3. Linen Coach Jacket –If you want a basic yet stylish look, linen coach jackets are the way to go. They usually come in beige or lighter colours, but you can also find them in dark colours like black or brown. Looks best when a color-contrasted shirt is worn underneath it.
  4. Bomber Coach Jacket –Bomber jackets took over the world from 2017 to 2018, and even after four years, they still look good on everyone. These coach jackets come in various colours and designs and are suitable for pairing with blue jeans. Perfect as everyday wear and can never look bad.
  5. Adidas Coach Jacket –Adidas is a very well-known brand. Apart from their shoes, they have gathered the most popular with the help of manufacturing coach jackets. Even though these jackets are more towards the high-end price point, they surely make a staple in anyone’s wardrobe.

Key Features of Coach Jackets. 


Coach jackets are pretty durable.


No stiffness because it is manufactured to be soft.


Good; lets air flow freely.

Wash Fastness 

Washes fast as the material is lightweight and can be washed in the machine.


Very available; almost every clothing brand carries them.


It has good strength, for which it has good flexibility.

Tensile strength 

High; the jacket does not form tears and wears when it goes under stress.

Washing Temperatures 

Normal to cold; best not to use hot water.


Depends on the clothing brand and the materials they use.


Feels comfortable on the skin as it does not skin on the skin.


None, but it might become rigid if washed too often.


Very much waterproof because of the outer shell.

Heat Retention Abilities 

Not much; it is best not to expose the jacket to high heat.

Price Range 

Depends on the clothing company and the material they used. Ranges from low to high.

Advantages of Coach Jacket.

  1. Coach jackets are versatile and can be styled with almost any outfit.
  2. Being gender-neutral clothing items, these come in various styles and colors.
  3. They are free-sized, which makes them wearable for everyone, and you do not have to worry about the fitting.
  4. The front opening can be fastened using buttons, zippers or other materials, and there are options to choose from.
  5. These jackets are waterproof, making them perfect for wearing in the rain or humid weather.

Disadvantages of Coach Jacket.

  1. They are lightweight, making them unsuitable for wearing in winter or during the heavy cold season.
  2. Most coach jackets do not have a lining underneath, which are more prone to forming tears if they come in contact with sharp objects.
  3. It Should not be washed using hot water because the outer material has a chance of forming damage.
  4. You have to layer up with other clothing items underneath because the coach jackets are lightweight and move a lot with the wind.
  5. Most of the jackets are open at the front and do not have a way of fastening.

FAQs on What is Coach Jacket.

  1. Are coach jackets expensive? 

A: Coach jackets are not expensive in general but certain brands sell them at a very high price point.

  1. What is the fit of a coach jacket? 

A: The fit of coach jackets is usually oversized because not everyone wants to wear them tight-fitted and mostly wants something which will not stick to the skin.

  1. Are coach jackets easy to fold? 

A: These are lightweight jackets which do not take up much space so they can be folded into tiny shapes.

Final Words:

Coach jackets are versatile pieces of clothing that anyone can wear. They are easy to style and look best when paired with basic items. Even though they can be worn every season, it is best to not wear them during the winter as they cannot withhold cold as much. Coach jackets are found in various brands and different styles. A perfect garment piece for anyone that wants to style it.



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