One of the essential garments a person should own is underwear. Whether you are a female or male, underwear is a necessity for you for all the day-to-day activities in life. There are various reasons for people to wear underwear underneath their regular clothes, and it makes a huge difference.

Wearing underwear is never an option but a necessity as it correlates to many things. Even the well-being of your private areas depends on the type of underwear you wear daily. This article will explain what is underwear and the different types of underwear you will find in the market.

What is Underwear? 

Underwear or undergarments is a clothing items that must be worn beneath the outer clothes. They stay in direct contact with the skin most of the time you have them on. There may be one single layer or double layers or more for underwear, but you have options to choose from, so there is no need to worry.


The undergarments are for both men and women, but this article will primarily focus on men's underwear. Wearing underwear underneath your outer clothes is necessary for your everyday life.

What is Underwear Made of? 

Not a single type of material is used to manufacture underwear because people require various types of materials depending on their preferences. But the most common materials used for underwear are polyamide, polyester and elastane. Polyester is a prevalent synthetic fibre, and it is used the most because it is heat resistant and does not shrink with frequent washes.

Making process of Underwear

Cotton is not used as much because it does not have many elastic properties as much as common underwear materials do. Even still, cotton, nylon and linen are used for the construction of underwear for people that just want lightweight and comfortable underwear. These are blended with spandex to provide the correct amount of flexibility, comfort, and quality. But the issue with cotton underwear is that it holds onto moisture, so it is not a suitable choice for humid weather. Merino wool is also used because it is soft and wicks moisture. It is suitable for cooler temperatures, but the problem is this material is hard to maintain.

Types of Underwear

There are various types of male underwear, and not everyone knows about them. They are –

Different Types of Underwear

Briefs – One of the most common forms of underwear worn by men that come in various colours, rises and designs. The design is suitable to provide coverage in private areas and buttocks.

Trunks – These undergarments have a square-cut appearance, and the legs are much shorter than briefs or boxers. They are comfortable and do not peep through shorts, but they are not flexible.

Boxers – They are very comfortable as they provide a lot of breathability down there but do not provide as much support to protect vulnerable areas as required. However, they are suitable for lounging.

Sports Underwear – Biggest requirement for the underwear is to be movable and breathable while being equally supportive. They are designed to prevent skin-to-skin contact from happening and are also good at wicking sweat.

Hipsters – For men who prefer to keep their underwear hidden beneath the pants or shorts, hipsters are preferred. They sit down the hit, and do not get over the stomach.

Boxer-Briefs – Calvin Klein was the first to introduce the idea to the garment industry. It is underwear that covers half of the thighs and is very comfortable to wear while providing adequate support.

Advantages of Underwear

  • Wearing underwear daily when you must commute to work will prevent bacteria and germs from contacting your private areas, so the chances of infection are lower.
  • As the clothing does not come in direct contact with the private areas due to the protection provided by the underwear, genital irritation does not happen frequently.
  • If your genitals are always sweaty, there is also a higher risk of infection, so it is advised to keep those areas dry and wear underwear to help them stay dry for a long time.
  • Hygiene is a significant factor that comes with wearing underwear. Not having underwear beneath clothes will make your intimate areas more prone to contact with dirt and other pollutants.
  • The most crucial factor of wearing underwear is to have privacy even beneath your clothes from your genitals to accidentally getting exposed.

Disadvantages of Underwear

  • You have to ensure that you are washing the underwear you wear daily; otherwise, many diseases might get spread, leading to infection.
  • Not wearing the proper size or right rise of underwear might be embarrassing for some. Because it will not fit correctly, which might look odd under the outer clothing.
  • If you do not wear the appropriate colour of underwear, such as bright-coloured underwear under light-coloured clothes, then your underwear will be seen over your outfit.
  • Wearing underwear for an extended period will be uncomfortable for many people, and it also has a chance of bacteria to start growing due to the accumulation of sweat.
  • Not getting the underwear made from material that you are comfortable with will make the experience much more challenging than it is. Make sure to feel the material if you can before purchasing it.

Harmful Effects of Underwear

There are no harmful effects of wearing underwear because it is such an essential garment in everyone's lives that it is necessary to wear. However, you will not feel comfortable if you fail to get the correct size and rise of underwear for yourself. If your genital area feels too squished when wearing underwear, then change the size; otherwise, the chances of infection will increase due to sweat accumulation.

Harmful Effects of Underwear

Moreover, be wise enough to purchase an underwear made out of a material that you are comfortable with and you know that it will not cause trouble. It is always advisable to stay alert regarding these matters.

 How to Take Care of Underwear?

Taking care of your underwear is not complicated but also not the most straightforward task in the world. It is because there are many things that you have to consider before or after washing them. Such as –


  1. You must wash your underwear every time you wear them because it will prevent the bacteria and germs from growing which might later cause harm.
  2. Ensure that you use non-irritant and not harsh detergent liquid or powder to wash them so that the garment does not feel too rough with the genital area.
  3. Wash them twice. First, use lukewarm water to tire the germs and then go with cold water to ensure that all the detergent and residues have been washed off.
  4. Do not hand-wash your underwear too harshly or wring them too hard, as it will make them lose shape and flexibility, which means they will provide less protection.
  5. Wash your underwear, not alongside any garment items that consist of colour, which has a chance of bleeding. It might transform the colour of your underwear.
  6. Dry cleaning or using bleach and chlorine is strictly forbidden for underwear.

FAQs on What is an Underwear and Types of Underwear.

Do underwear needs to be ironed? 

A: It is not necessary to iron your underwear to wear, but you can still iron them if you want to. Wrinkly underwear will not show through your outer clothes.

Does underwear cost a lot? 

What is an Underwear? Types of Underwear

A: Usually, underwear does not cost a lot of money because they are a basic human necessity, and everyone needs to buy them, but if the clothing brand is high-end, then the product will also be expensive.

Final Words: 

Everyone should wear underwear regardless of gender and age because it provides a lot of help regarding the genital areas. From preventing infection to saving embarrassment, underwear does a lot of the work for us in our everyday lives. You can invest in underwear if you want to and get a high-priced one if you want to, but the quality will not be much different than a normal one.

Depending on your outfit, you can change the underwear you want to wear while still being comfortable. But the most important factor should always be to protect the intimate areas as they are vulnerable.



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