Just like the name suggests, these jackets were originally preferred by military men to wear during their work in the field. Field jackets are generally military-inspired coats with many pockets on the front, and some are on the inside.

With the evolution of fashion, field jackets have become a clothing item that is wearable by anyone despite age, gender and time. They look good to wear all year round because of their roomy interior and lightweight feeling.

This article will help you understand a field jacket and other things to know about it.

What is a Field Jacket?

Field jackets are usually associated with the US military jackets because that is how they came into being used by the ordinary people. These jackets are mostly worn out on the field because the garment is medium to lightweight and does not feel heavy to the wearer during fieldwork. They come with double chest and double hip pockets along with flap closures.

Field Jacket

Men prefer most the field jackets because of their puffed look. Pair the jacket with a shirt and tie for a smart and casual look. For a clean tailored look, stack the field jacket with a suit and cinch at the waist.

What is a Field Jacket Made of? 

Most field jackets are known for being soft and lightweight. This indicates that they are made of cotton or cotton-nylon fabric, which gives them durability. Some of the jackets also consist of a cotton-polyester blend or sateen fabric. The iconic design of field jackets is having four or a few jackets at the front.

Raw material of Field Jacket

It is important to keep the jackets soft and breathable for long hours. The field jacket materials are the same as military jackets since they are similar and have the same job. When field jackets are manufactured, the key concern is to make them water-repellent. So that the wearer does not have to face any issues if they get drenched while wearing them. They are also stretchable and practical so that it is easy to move around and squeeze through while they are on.

History of Field Jackets.

The origin of field jackets comes heavily from military jackets, which the US Army wore. It is all because, back at that time, the purpose of these garments was to be highly functional, and ordinary people started wearing them over regular jackets.

A historical image of Field Jacket

Originally, the field jackets were constructed in America for the soldiers to wear when they were about to enter Vietnam due to the ongoing conflict. They were designed in the 1940s for strictly military purposes. From the beginning, the colour of the jackets was mostly sage green and army green, but nowadays, more colours are available.

Types of Field Jackets.

The military style inspiration for men’s clothing has always been a strong element, not just for jackets but pants, shirts and even coats. In this section, we will discuss some of the various types of field jackets in the market.

Types of Field Jackets

  1. M-41 Field Jacket –The M-41 came out in 1941 and was one of the first field jackets. Even though the concept was fantastic, it was poorly executed. The current state of the field jacket was suitable for garrison duty only. Materials used for this jacket were wood flannel lining and poplin outer.
  2. M-43 Field Jacket –One of the most anticipated versions of the field jacket is this one, which is suitable to wear under any climate because of the added wind-breaking layer. This jacket featured more pockets and versatility. It also came in a darker green shade so that people would stop calling the soldiers Brown Jobs.
  3. M-51 Field Jacket –The name suggests that the item was first released in 1951. This is an iconic field jacket because it is the original inspiration for the newer versions. Constructed from a midweight canvas and these mostly come in olive green. The garment features a shirt-jacket style collar and comes with a hood.
  4. M-65 Field Jacket –The M-65 was created as an upgrade from the M-51 jacket. This jacket's characteristics are similar to the older version except for some. This jacket commonly comes in classic army olive green and four pouch pockets. The collar is also different because it is a stand collar instead of the pointed shirt collar.

Key Features of Field Jackets.



Field jackets are very durable and reliable.


Field jackets are not stiff as they are manufactured to wear during heavy tasks.


High; Made from lightweight materials, air passes through easily.

Wash Fastness 

The jacket washes fast but needs to be washed with care, with no wringing or twisting if hand-washed.


Available; various clothing brands carry military garments line.


Features amazing strength and does not break under heavy stress.

Tensile strength 

High; jacket does not easily form holes or tears if gets in contact with sharp materials.

Washing Temperatures 

Best to wash in cold or medium temperatures and with mild detergent.


Sustainable as they are commonly made out of cotton, which does not contribute to harmful chemicals and prevents contamination.


Comfortable; is not heavy on the skin and is very comfortable to wear under any weather.


None; field jackets are not rigid because they are primarily made of cotton.


Field jackets are water-resistant because they are manufactured in such a way.

Heat Retention Abilities 

Medium; should not be tested with direct fire as casualties may happen anywhere.

Price Range 

Moderate to high; it mostly depends on the brand and material of the jacket.

Advantages of Field Jackets.

  1. They are lightweight and highly breathable, which makes them perfect wear for any season and weather.
  2. These jackets look good with any outfit, as they are versatile and easy to style. It can be worn as casual or formal at any time of the day.
  3. Price range of the jackets varies, and most of them can be found in a very affordable price range even if the material is high-quality.
  4. All the extra pockets come in handy when you are not in the mood to carry a bag or small items such as a torch, phone, lighter etc.
  5. Field jackets are highly durable and perform well under any conditions, like outdoors or tight squeezes.

Disadvantages of Field Jackets.

  1. Not all of them have added insulation which makes them unwearable during cold and windy weather.
  2. Some low-quality field jackets come with bad-quality zippers that do not work smoothly and lose functionality over time.
  3. Field jackets are water-resistant but not waterproof, which means they are not the best fit for rainy weather.
  4. The field jackets have a bulky fit and will not look good if you are going for fitting items.
  5. The number of pockets on this jacket might become troublesome for some people as they get stuck in random places.

FAQs on What is a Field Jacket.

  1. Are field jackets expensive? 

A: Field jackets are not expensive, and they have many low-price range variations, which are affordable for anyone.

  1. Are field jackets worn by a specific gender? 

A: Field jackets are worn by anyone despite age, gender or other factors that do not require the concern of appearance.

  1. What colours do field jackets come in? 

A: Most common colours for field jackets are army green or similar shades of green, but brown and blue ones can also be found.

Final Words:

Field jackets are versatile clothing worn by any gender and at any season because they are lightweight and comfortable. The history of field jackets is very rich since they come from military jackets worn by people going to war. Nowadays, field jackets can be found in almost any clothing line that carries jackets.

These jackets have a lot of advantages, such as pockets and durability, and there are minor disadvantages to them which can be looked over. Choosing a field jacket for any time or occasion can never go wrong.

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