For every woman, having a moto jacket in their wardrobe is necessary. If you do not have one, it is high time to get yourself a moto jacket as they are trendy and make any outfit look edgy.

Moto jackets are usually fit for women regardless of age because of the classiness it provides. This clothing item has been around for a long time, and right from the start, it has been a fan favourite.

In this article, we will elaborate further on what a moto jacket is and other information you might need regarding one.

What is Moto Jacket?

A Moto or motorcycle jacket is a classic leather jacket with an edgier vibe. These jackets have more hardware or zippers and usually are short hemmed. In most cases, they are made of suede or faux leather.

All of these details give the moto jacket a different vibe. Moto jackets can add modernity to your collection from the instant. They are very trendy and look good on anyone despite their age. Even though they are heavier because of the clothing material, these jackets are perfect for any season.


The start of moto jackets dates back to 1913 by an American company names Schott NYC. In 1928, the brand launched the world’s first moto jacket with functioning zips named Perfecto. From then onwards, it became a fan favourite and were available in many stores gradually. The jacket gathered most of its fame from the 1950s when actors started wearing them onscreen.

From the 1960s to the 1980s, the jacket became a hallmark for carefree youngsters. From the 1990s to today, the moto jacket has been considered essential for people regardless of gender and age.

What Are Moto Jackets Made of?

Motorcycle jackets are constructed with the thought kept in mind that they are going to be worn by people while riding a bike. This means the rider has to face heavy and cold wind. So, for that reason, moto jackets are usually manufactured using heavy materials that protect the wearer from being chilly.

Leather, suede, Kevlar or faux leather are the most common materials for making moto jackets. They usually have zippers and other hardware, such as buckles, buttons and pockets. Typically, the spine, elbow and shoulder areas consist of padding. Even though all the details are supposed to make the jacket seem bulky, modern technology has prevented that. The jackets are thin and comfortable on the skin.


In the past, there were only one or a few types of moto jackets, but now, several types are present that serve various purposes.

Street –

Street Moto Jacket 

Street bike jackets are usually relaxed because they are mostly made of textile materials. However, they come in leather as well. These jackets are versatile and perfect for all seasons because the liners are removable. Armoured protection is required with these jackets.

Adventure –


These jackets are made to provide maximum comfort to the wearer during adventures. Meaning they offer ventilation and insulation and come with more pockets. Moreover, they are made of textile, which is lightweight. Also, to keep the neck protected, the collars are tall.

Cruiser –

Cruiser Moto Jacket 

Cruiser moto jackets are the most popular because they are very classy. These jackets are typically made out of leather, but they can also be found in textile material. They are very comfortable to wear and offer reliability.

Racing –

Racing Moto Jacket 

One of the heaviest moto jackets is a racing jacket made of thick leather. They come with armour on the shoulders, front, back and elbow to protect during the race. They provide adequate protection against abrasions.

Mesh –

Mesh Moto Jacket 

Mesh moto jackets are a perfect pick for the summer. They provide fantastic breathability and are very affordable. However, they do not provide enough protection, so they are not perfect to wear during racing adventures.

 Key Features:


Highly reliable and durable.


Stiff because leather itself is a stiff material.


Has a front-to-back air ventilation system which helps air to pass through.

Wash Fastness

It takes a lot of time to wash moto jackets because they have much hardware that needs to be preserved.


Very available; many clothing brands carry them around the year.


It has pretty good strength, and the flexibility is high too.

Tensile strength

High; the jacket does not readily form tears and wears when it endures any form of stress.

Washing Temperatures

Lukewarm water is best to wash your moto jackets in.


Real leather or suede is not sustainable; as long as the brand uses those, it is not sustainable.


Feels comfortable and lightweight on the skin.


None, moto jackets are not rigid, and they fit on the body perfectly.


Leather itself is waterproof, which makes moto jackets water-resistant.

Heat Retention Abilities

High heat resistant; these jackets do not form wrinkles when exposed to heat.

Price Range

Medium to high; it mostly depends on the clothing brand.



  1. Protect the wearer adequately during bike races or other physical activities like adventures.
  2. These jackets keep your body pretty warm during the cold chilly weather but also stay cool during the summer.
  3. There are many pockets on these jackets, so you do not have to worry about carrying a bag.
  4. It is easy to pair moto jackets with other outfits as it is versatile and looks good on anyone regardless of age.
  5. Have been around for quite a long time, and they are famous and available in many stores.


  1. Contain much hardware, such as chains and pockets, for which they should be handled and washed carefully.
  2. More prone to forming wear and tear or other damages than leather or suede ones.
  3. These jackets are very easy to find, but they are more expensive; cheaper ones will not have good quality.
  4. Made of genuine leather or suede, they might not be the best for the environment.
  5. May feel heavy on the skin because of the material or the heavy details.


Why are moto jackets expensive?

Moto jackets are manufactured using high-quality materials to provide adequate protection to the wearer. Another reason could be that the jackets may be handcrafted.

Are moto jackets only worn by a specific gender?

Regarding gender or age, moto jackets have no boundaries, as everyone can style this clothing item without hesitation. It looks good on most people, providing an edgy look to the outfit.

Why did moto jackets gain so much popularity in past?

American heartthrobs during the 1960s were first seen wearing moto jackets in movies or commercials. Ever since then, this item has been a fan favourite.

Final Words:

Moto jackets have a rich history because they have been popular among consumers since they first reached the market. Even though they are easy to find and almost every clothing company carries a line, they are expensive. Because these jackets are manufactured using costly items, they are good quality. Moto jackets are versatile, as anyone, regardless of gender and age, can wear them without feeling odd. Recently, moto jackets have gained more popularity due to the comeback of 80s fashion.


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