Have you ever wondered about a garment that would look good over pyjamas so that going to bed wearing a jacket would look cool? Then bed jackets are exactly what you are searching for. It is worn over pyjamas to keep yourself warm in bed or provide more coverage around the house.

Bed jackets are most popular in regions where it gets freezing cold, and even blankets or heaters cannot keep you warm. These garment pieces are not standard everywhere but have been around for a long time, from the 1800s. In this article, we will provide a detailed discussion on what a bed jacket is and every other thing you need to know regarding it.

What is a Bed Jacket?

Just like the name suggests, it is a jacket people wear over pyjamas. You can also wear bed jackets over lingerie sets or as a light cover-up item. Bed jackets can also be used to replace robes, except the length is shorter, and it ends around the hips. Most people wear it around the house to provide extra warmth or more coverage. Some also wear it to bed during the extreme cold seasons. In colder regions worldwide, wearing a bed jacket is common as people can save a lot on electricity bills by not using the heater for longer durations.

Bed Jacket

While roaming around the house or answering the door, bed jackets are an essential item. Even though these are short, they can provide adequate warmth without feeling bulky. You can style them over sweaters or turtlenecks, and they will give you a stylish look. These lightweight and comfy jackets will also fit in your luggage if you want to avoid bringing a robe with you as they are very flexible and weighs small. Women usually prefer bed jackets, but anyone can wear them if they want to.

What are Bed Jackets Made of?

Bed jackets are lightweight, meaning most of them are made of materials such as flannel, wool, and cotton. The expensive ones are made up of lace, silk, or velvet. Some of these consist of very feminine details and are made in an alluring style that could be a better fit for modesty or warmth. Then others are made of heavier materials and do not have many designs; they are best for self-effacing and providing warmth.

Bed Jacket

Some luxurious materials are also used in some bed jackets to make them fancy. Swan’s down, shirred lace, ostrich feather tips and pleated tulle are some of the materials used to create the confections. To add added protection for providing enough heat to the wearer, some jackets have a double coating or are filled with wool. Knitted jackets are also a good choice for wearing during winter.

History of Bed Jackets.

Bed jackets originated in the 17th century and belonged to British culture. At first and they were generally made to provide warmth. At the start, most of the bed jackets were handmade using suitable materials. Then from the 1920s to 1940s, bed jackets started gaining a lot of attention.

Some historical image of History of Bed Jackets.

In the playboy films during the 1930s, the female starlets were seen in glamourous silk bed jackets. That is when these garment items became famous. By the 80s, the hype slowed down, and mostly older women were seen wearing them.

The Types of Bed Jackets.

Bed jackets are not found in wide varieties as their hype slowed down towards the end and were replaced by robes. Even so, you will find some types of bed jackets which would fit different needs and styles.

The Types of Bed Jackets.

  1. Embossed Bed Jackets – These jackets are mostly preferred for providing heat as they are made of heavy materials. The materials are usually blended with 100% polyester. They are extremely soft inside and out and feel super luxurious. Most of the time, they come with two side pockets and have a button fastening. Many of them have designed embroideries and a variety of colours to choose from.
  2. Fleece Bed Jackets – Another perfect option for wearing bed jackets to the bed to receive added warmth. Fleece is the insulating skin with attached wool from sheep or similar animals. They can provide unmatched heat during chilly weather. The fleece is added inside and out to make the garment feel cosy. Comes with button fastening and cute designs on the jackets. These can also be washed in the washing machine.
  3. Lace Bed Jackets – Lace is a material mostly seen in lingerie and famous for making alluring clothes. This makes lace bed jackets not modest clothing, and they do not provide the warmth you might be looking for. These jackets can be layered over outfits or used inside the house as a light cover-up. Lace is delicate, so while wearing this jacket, beware of sharp objects as they might tear up the jacket.
  4. Velvet Lace Jackets – Velvet is a clothing material usually used by royals as it provides a feeling of elegance. This makes velvet bed jackets a type of garment users prefer to wear outside. Even though they look amazing in bedrooms, the velvet provides a fashionable vibe that looks great when paired with jeans. These jackets also provide enough warmth and are mostly full-sleeved.
  5. Textured Bed Jackets – When anyone hears the word “texture”, they immediately think that this garment will feel itchy. However, the texture of such bed jackets is super soft, and they feel comfortable on the skin. The material is mixed with 100% velour polyester and should be washed in the machine at 30° degrees.

Key Features of a Bed Jacket.


Very durable and can last long without any damage.


None at all; the size varies to fit everyone.


Good; even the heavier ones don’t feel bulky.

Wash Fastness 

Easy does not take much time but takes some time to completely dry.


Not much is common in physical stores but can be found mostly online.

Strength Amazing does not form tears when stress is applied.

Amazing, does not form tears when stress is applied.

Tensile Strength 

Average but depends on the garment material.

Washing Temperatures 

Normal to cold; best not to use hot water as it might get crinkly, and it is best to keep the water at 20°.


Depends on the clothing brand; most of them are made of sustainable wool.


Feels comfortable on the skin regardless of the material.


None at all because all the coats have an inner coating.


These abilities are not the best as they are made of materials that can soak water.

Heat Retention Abilities 

Average and depends mostly on the material of the garment.

Price Range 

Leaning more towards the higher end as not all clothing companies manufacture this.

Advantages of Using Bed Jackets.

  1. They provide added warmth, and you can wear them to bed, which means you do not have to keep the heater running in the winter season.
  2. There are many options to choose from, and they can be paired with different outfits.
  3. If jackets are too heavy for you, then bed jackets made of wool or knitted will be good to wear outside.
  4. It Can be worn outside and within the house.
  5. They are not as common as jackets, so wearing them will give your outfit a unique look.

Disadvantages of Using Bed Jackets.

  1. Most are expensive to purchase as they are uncommon nowadays, and only a few selected stores carry these.
  2. The sizes of bed jackets are short as they end at the hips. So, using them for warmth will only provide heat on the upper part of the body and not the lower portion.
  3. Bed jackets do not come without sleeves, so if you purchase one for styling them as sleeveless, you have to customise one according to your choice.
  4. Some of the materials for bed jackets may seem too bulky for the users, and they might not want to use them when getting into the bed.
  5. The laced bed jackets do not have any inner lining, so you must be careful when wearing them around, as sharp objects can easily form a hole through them.

FAQs on What is a Bed Jacket?

  1. Why did the hype for bed jackets die down? 

A: Towards the end of the 20th century, robes were more available, and people found that robes did the task of drying your body and coving up. So, robes were replaced by bed jackets.

Q.Why are bed jackets so expensive? 

A: Bed jackets are costly because not every brand owns them. Moreover, since not many people are familiar with this garment item, the different brands cannot sell many of these on average.

  1. Do bed jackets from stains? 

A: Stains depend totally on the type of material used in the bed jacket and what is causing the stain. However, those stains are pretty simple to get rid of, as most stains get washed away after a couple of washes.

  1. Are bed jackets for both men and women? 

A: In the beginning, women preferred bed jackets as all the designs had a feminine touch to them. In recent years, there have been some designs for men as well. Most importantly, anyone can wear any garment they wish.

Final Words:

Bed jackets are not important for your wardrobe as they do not fulfil any necessary tasks. However, they are an amazing addition because they can be used to spice up your outfit and look good to wear around the house. Bed jackets have fewer disadvantages, and other than they are rare to find in physical stores. These are great for many reasons, one of which is providing immense warmth to the wearer.


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