Right from the title, you can already guess what is a hemming tape. Hemming tapes are not the ordinary tapes you use daily. Hemming tapes are mainly used to create permanent new hems. The heat-activated glue can stick the material on both sides.  

What is a Hemming Tape?

Hemming tapes is a tape which have a double-side heat-activated adhesive which comes in a roll and can stick fabric on either side. Garment wearers use hemming tapes to create new hems without sewing. There are two types of hemming tape, and both are easy to use. These tapes allow frequent changes to be made as the tape can be easily removed. You will find these in the department or craft stores. The best part is hemming tapes are very easy and quick to use!

What is a Hemming Tape

What is a Hemming Tape Made of?

Hemming tapes are made of two materials: a paper or fabric backing and a textile adhesive. The tape’s backing is very thin and flexible, and the textile adhesive helps the tape stick on top of the fabric. Some hemming tapes are temporary and can be removed easily, but most are permanent and alternatives to sewing. The tape is very lightweight and thin and does not weigh the lightweight fabrics down. 

Hemming Tape

How to use a Hemming Tape. 

Hemming tapes are easy and fun to use, but you still need some experimenting to do before putting them on clothes you want to wear outside. With that being said, here is a brief explanation of how to use these tapes. 

 How to use hemming tape

The first step of using hemming tape is to wash and iron the clothes you want to use it on without a fabric softener, making sure that there is no dirt and grime. Then, turn the clothing item inside out, measure, and mark the spots as if you are about to stitch a hem. Cut the tape according to the length and a bit more if you want to be covered with them, and apply the glue side on the raw fabric. Press down on the hemming tape with iron if the material is not cotton. Wait for the material to cool down, and then gently peel the tape off to reveal a new hem.  

Types of Hemming Tapes

Hemming tapes usually have two main categories, but you will find them in many different colors to disguise them in your preferred clothing items. 

Key Features of Hemming Tape


Very durable, it lasts a long time even if the clothes are wet frequently


Not much


None, but it is lightweight

Wash Fastness

Very much

Suitable fabric

Works on any fabric, except elastic, rough, waterproof, and textured fabric

Strength of adhesive

Very good

Tensile Strength of Adhesive



Depends on the manufacturer


Excellent, does not feel rough to touch



Water Resistant Abilities


Heat Retention Abilities

Can withstand 30-120°

Washing Temperatures

Somewhat, but avoid washing in high temperatures, more than 120°

Advantages of Hemming Tape

  1. Fast and does not require sewing to create a new hem.
  2. Does not leave any unwanted adhesive residue. 
  3. The quality of the material is not compromised when the tape is applied.
  4. The adhesive lasts for a long time, and the tape does not need to be changed or reapplied. 
  5. The tape is comfortable on the skin and does not feel rough. 

Disadvantages of Hemming Tape

  1. Weak for a seam meant to hold the main pieces of a garment together.
  2. Aggressive washing might weaken the adhesive and take off the tape. 
  3. In the long run, some tapes fall off if the fabric is thin. 
  4. The tape does not stick on the rough, knit, or waterproof fabric. 
  5. It is not reusable, so, costly. 


Can hemming tape be applied to all fabrics?

Hemming tape is attached using an adhesive layer, which does not apply to all fabrics. It does not work on waterproof or knit fabric. Also, suede, velvet, satin, leather, or silk are not easy for hemming tape to work on.   

Does hemming tape last a long time? 

 It is expected for hemming tapes to last a long duration, but with time, the adhesive does wear off. The tape will wear off faster if the material is washed or stretched frequently.                                                                                              

Is hemming tape permanent?

 Due to the seemingly strong adhesive, hemming tapes are permanent, requiring a lot of work to take them off.                                                       

Which hemming tape is the best?

 The best hemming tape depends on the fabric you are working with. For example, iron-on hemming tapes will work best for delicate fabrics as they will not damage the material. If you want to adhere to two large pieces of fabric without sewing, then the pressure-pressed hemming tape will work the best.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Is it possible to remove the hemming tape?

 Hemming tapes can be removed, but a little adhesive residue will be left if the glue is strong. To remove it, the tape should be warmed using an iron, and then you can peel off the tape gently. 

Final Words:

Hemming tapes have been around for quite some time and have made many things easy in the clothing industry. Sewing takes a long period and patience; that is where hemming tapes come in handy. They are found very easily in local craft stores and can be used by almost anyone with some practice beforehand. There are many advantages of using it but also disadvantages. Using hemming tapes to construct a garment is not advisable as sewing is much stronger than hem tapes. All in all, hemming tapes are an excellent alternative to use on hems.


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