Whenever we go shopping, we overlook one of the most important things attached to clothing items, which is the hang tag. Hang tags are vital as they contain essential clothing items and brand information. These labels are usually tied to the material using a tie or thread instead of adhesives. Hang tags have been around for a long time, and it has been one of the staples in the retail industry. These labels are used for basic knowledge of the product and can also be used to extend the business. Sounds interesting? Keep reading.

What Are Hang Tags?

Hang tags are staples in the marketing industry that provide the reader with brief information on the product and brand. These labels are usually printed on small plastic or cardboard cards and hung from the clothing item with the help of a thread or tie. Not only clothing items use these, but other merchandise has also been using them. From the label, you will find information on the fabric or material used, the manufacturer, care instructions, the cost of the product, or the model number. Some of the labels also include the offers that the store carries.

Why Are Hang Tags Important?

Most people think that hang tags are there only to provide the cost of the item, but they also open a branding opportunity for business owners. They grab customers' attention by mentioning discounts or fascinating facts about the product. Hang tags might also have a short but powerful message that will help the customers purchase the product if they have second thoughts about it.

Different Types of Hang Tags:

Hang tags are not only made out of paper, but they come in a wide range of materials. There are various types of hang tags which are used for different items.

Hang Tags

  1. Metal Material Hang tags – These tags are primarily used in clothing items, specifically denim materials. Metal tags have a weight of their own, which is applicable for heavy items. They are hung by a chain material and looks classy. Most are made of stainless steel, copper, alloys, iron and more.

Metal Material Hang tags

  1. Paper Material Hang Tags – Most common hang tags are made out of paper, and these are used in many products as it is easy and cost-effective to make these labels. Paper is also easier to write on and hang. Kraft, special or coated paper, single-faced and double-sided paperboard are used. You will find these on garments, toys, bags, shoes, stationary items, or anywhere else.

Paper Material Hang Tags

  1. Leather Material Hang Tags – Leather hang tags have been harder to find as they are mainly derived from animal skin. Most leather tags are synthetic ones. Usually, leather or denim clothing will have tags made out of leather. It aims to represent the material of the clothing it is attached to.

Leather Material Hang Tags

  1. Fabric Hang tags – Hang tags made out of textiles such as cotton, silk, canvas, or chemical fibre have been new to the industry. It looks and feels good and comes with very minimum production wastage issues. You will find them mostly attached to leisure clothing and bags.

Fabric Hang tags

  1. Random Materials – Other materials such as wood, PVC, rubber or mixed materials are also used to create hang tags. These look good and bring a variation to the industry. They are mostly used in clothing items and help to increase brand value.

Random Materials

The Various Applications of Hang tags. 

While shopping, you will notice that many products have hang tags attached to them. Here is a brief discussion of the items you are most likely to find with hang tags.

  1. Beauty products – Beauty or health products are often purchased by many people, and they are always aware of what goes into their bodies. This is where hang tags come in handy, including a written description of the product's ingredients and why it is good for the body. Business sales go up if people can find products which are beneficial for them.
  2. Specialty Foods – Baked goods, sauces, jams and jellies, seasonings, dairy products and much more use hang tags to broadcast information related to the item. The tags might have uncommon recipes written in them or the various ways the product comes in handy. It is an excellent way for people to know how versatile the item is, which in turn helps to broaden the business.

Specialty Foods

  1. Beverages – Bottles are easy to put on hang tags as they have a neck right in front of the eye. Crucial information such as when the bottles were filled, the ingredients, stuff to be aware of, and expiry dates can be mentioned in the tags. Wine, beer and other beverages are always advantageous when they contain extra information.


  1. Garment Items – Hang tags are found primarily on garment items. There is lot to mention about clothing items; the temperature to wash in, fabric materials, if the material can be ironed, and so much more. Some information about the brand is also mentioned.

Garment Items

  1. Home Goods – Everyone wants to invest in safe and sound products for their households; that is where hang tags come in handy for home goods. Hang tags will have the necessary information easily without making it overwhelming. Carpets, utensils, cleaning supplies, etc., will be the best fit for hangtags.

Home Goods

How to Put Hang tags on Clothing Items

  1. Pull the cord through the hole in the hang tag and form a loop.
  2. Fold and tie the closed end of the cord through the tag to secure its place.
  3. From the opposite end, inside the loop, pull the open end of the cord.
  4. Lastly, you have to make a knot of the cord through the clothing strap of the garment to attach it.

For a faster way, you can use tagging guns which use a plastic fastener for securing the tag directly onto the clothing item.

FAQs on Hang Tags

Where to purchase hang tags from? 

A: Usually, there are suppliers who supply hang tags, and you can get them custom-made. A lot of stores also make handmade hang tags in small amounts, but most suppliers will sell in bulk.

Can hang tags be of different shapes? 

You can custom-made hang tags, and almost all the hang tag materials can be shaped into your desired shape. However, keeping the hang tag in its standard square or rectangle shape is best.

Do hang tags come with strings? 

Most suppliers also include strings with the tags, which are a vital part of the label.

Are hang tags waterproof? 

A: This depends on the material of the tag. Most paper-based labels are not waterproof, but still, they can resist small amounts of water before breaking apart.

Final Words:

Hang tags are a hidden gem in the marketing industry. They can be used for many products and are helpful in many ways. These tiny labels are filled with information can help expand the business or bring variety to a store. Hang tags are very helpful as they have vital information about the product inscribed in them. Moreover, they can bring a lot of attention to a particular product. The marketing industry should put more emphasis on hang tags.

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