Textile Testing assures conformity and maintains safety regulations. Here are the 10 textile testing suppliers around the World who meet the increasing demand for their products.

What Are Different Textiles Testing So Far?

Textile testing comes in a handful of forms, for instance, eco textile testing, feather and down, performance testing, flammability testing, and thermal and water vapor resistance testing. Eco-textile testing refers to the ecological standpoint that provides an eco-testing service spectrum targeting environmental and consumer health protection. Meanwhile, feather and down testing offers the testing of feather and down using quantitative analysis.

On the other hand, performance testing is performance standards that are related to the consumer’s end use of textile products. Meanwhile, flammability testing is quite critical in terms of flammability regulations. For instance, rugs and carpets, or upholstery-making regulations follow flammability testing. On the other hand, the testing of thermal and water vapor resistance ensures reduced heat transfer.

Best 11 Textile Testing Suppliers in The World

The 11 best textile testing suppliers, their products and services, activities, and achievements have been given in the following section:

  1. Chiuvention

Chiuvention, being one of the leading smart as well as holistic textile testing supplier in the world that provides reliable results as fast as possible. Among their products, there are smartShrink Rate Testers that can measure the fabric shrinkage rate in 3 seconds.


Just like this one, their testers distribution countries are a number of countries who come forward in creating a digital future of testing textiles.

Contact Information:


Email: [email protected]

Helpline: +86 769 2329 4842

Address: Industrial Zone No.1, Ganyuan Avenue, Shimei Community, Wanjiang 523000 Dongguan, Guangdong, China

02. Vision Tex Co.

Vision Tex Co., a textile testing supplier located in Bangladesh, consists of a supply chain management of consumable products where there are efficient lab testing equipment and types of machinery.

Vision Tex Co.

They have worked because of market demand, quality, quantity, and innovation since the year 2006. Vision Tex Co. ensures a competitive price maintaining standard quality, prompt delivery services, and the quick delivery response of authentic trade channels. Among testing, they have fiber and yarn testing, physical testing, and others.

Contact Information:


Helpline: [email protected]

Email: +88 01711 112 760

Address: House # 17 (2nd floor), Road # 14, Sector # 13, Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.


HOHENSTEIN is an Internationally recognized and reliable partner that comes in textile-related products with a wide range of services. The company is among the textile testing suppliers that quickly introduce the product to the market by coordinating between the textile testing laboratory as well as the certification authority.


Their services improve the quality as well as safety of the products through textile tests as well as certifications. Their test results provide you with the optimized products and methods that actively comply with the current market trends.

Contact Information:


Helpline: +497143271898

Email: [email protected]

Address: Schlosssteige 1 | 74357 Bönnigheim GERMANY



SDL ATLAS offers a moisture management tester that calculates the dynamic liquid transport of the fabric of performance and technology. This is one of their prime products. Their products provide confidence in standard-based testing.


This is through expertise and global partnering. SDL Atlas also distributes the complete line of consumables that is being tested to ensure conformity and consistency. Their technicians are from Europe, Asia, and North America to support their investment and confidence. They have their branches in the USA, China, and Hong Kong.

Contact Information:


Email: [email protected]

Helpline: +1 803.329.2110

Address: (USA) 3934 Airway Drive Rock Hill, SC 29732-9200 

05. UL Solutions

UL Solutions UL Solutions exceeds consumer expectations for safety and quality, as well as meeting sustainability goals. Their products and services are a sustainable way to ensure the quality of apparel and textile in the marketplace to keep consumers updated about the complex regulatory landscape.

UL Solutions

Their services in textile and apparel include chemical testing, fabric development, production testing, and chemical management. 

Contact Information:


Helpline: Get your queries answered here.


06. QIMA

QIMA offers a selective range of quality assurance as well as lab testing services with a view to evaluating your textiles as per the quality standards. Their standards also meet the destination market.


Usually, QIMA provides inspection as well as laboratory results for modern textiles starting from the textile and canvas rolls and home textiles and the finished goods.

Contact Information:


Helpline: +88 09611 492949


Roaches International, located in the UK, is another textile testing supplier that provides heritage and innovation in Textiles through their products. Their products are globally respected.


The laboratory dyeing, finishing, and the performance of textile testing. The UK-based manufacturers of machinery and instruments provide quality control with high-grade components in the market.

Contact Information:


Email: [email protected]

Helpline: +44 (0) 1924 420083

Address: Unit 11 Springwell 27, Dark Lane, Birstall, West Yorkshire, WF17 9LN, United Kingdom

08. TTi Testing Laboratories

TTi Testing Laboratories, Pakistan-located, is another textile testing and quality assurance supplier that has lab-approved consumer products. Tti has country-wide labs and customer centers where the testing facility is Lahore-based.

TTi Testing Laboratories

Besides, testing services are textile testing, leather and PPE testing, environmental testing, restricted substances testing, as well as petroleum by-products testing. Their one-stop providing services deliver accurate information by well-trained technicians at a market-competitive price.

Contact Information:


Helpline: (92-42) 111-786 001

Email: [email protected]

Address: Head Office: 347-S, Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore-54770

09. SgT: the Textile Quality Experts

In the entire world, SgT marks the firs textile testing quality experts or supplier where the products are textile, apparel, and footwear. They implement the solutions of textile quality management with the assurance of safety, quality as well as conformity of the products.

SgT the Textile Quality Experts

Their textile laboratory testing services include recycled polyester testing which is quite unique in the market demand today.

Contact Information


Email: [email protected]

Address: Suite 2201-2, 22/F, Oxford House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Quarry Bay,
Hong Kong

10. James Heal

James Heal, since the year 1872, has been improving material testing, especially in the textile field. Their mission is to provide customers with achievements that are consistent as well as accurate solutions.

James Heal

James Heal, being the finest textile testing instrument, designs the product with the help of testing professionals.

Contact Information:



Helpline: tel: +17034361288

Address: PPT Group Corp t/a James Heal 45921 Maries Road, Suite 120 Sterling, Virginia USA

11. Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas is a UK-based textile testing supplier of textile and garment products. Their products improve product quality and reduce customer complaints as the delivery to the market meets standards.

Bureau Veritas

Quality assurance services are their core products that encompass quality, safety compliance, testing as well as consulting services in protecting their brand. Their services include chemical, physical, flammability, and performance as well as color fastness testing with inspection, social audits, and factory assessments.

 Contact Information:


Helpline: 0345 600 1828

Email: Get your questions answered here.

Final Words

Textile testing are textile solutions with different purposes identifying a complete suit of identifying chemicals. These testing assess the toxicity, assures the chemical certification, and the solution of quality assurance. The mentioned 11 textile testing suppliers located in different parts of the world work day and night to provide the consumer with an authentic data-driven solution with the compliance of the registered products.


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