In the last few years of the textile industry, one of the yarns has been ruling named Slub yarns. This is the latest technology that provides revolutionary ideas over the world in the export section. Once the sub-yarn was considered as a defect, soon the yarn provides itself the advantageous positions that the industry was lacking. This article will go through all ins and outs regarding what is slub yarn? Slub yarn properties, advantages, manufacturing, and applications to give you a brief idea.

What is Slub Yarn?

Slub yarn is a continuous, and long, as well as interlocked fiber that can produce its own choice of fiber. Very recently, this yarn has received the appreciation of being a revolutionizing technology that gets exported to different places.

What is Slub Yarn

A Slub yarn refers to a type of yarn that tends to be spun. To achieve an extraordinary as well as irregular shape in both ranges-length and diameter. This yarn was not as popular as today. It gains a touch of personality by providing yarn comfort and durability.

What is Slub Yarn Made of?

Slub yarn is made of cotton as natural fiber and other synthetic fiber-polypropylene and Olefin. Slub yarns comparatively are not durable due to the heavy manufacturing processes. When Slub yarn goes through the spinning process, it forms in the yarn a few intermittent lumps named slubs. They appear as thick yarn than the surrounding during the fabric knitting. The Slub yarn provides a burnout appearance even without enough transparency and printability.

Manufacturing Processes of Slub Yarn

Slub yarn manufacturing is available in both ring frames and in rotors. The manufacturing process involves- carding, spinning, and twisting applications. These small processes convert raw materials into Slub yarn production. Later, these Slub yarns get woven into a pattern that makes clothing and other items.

Production of the Slub yarn in rotor is the following steps:

Slub yarn gets produced in the rotor spinning with the help of the speed variation. The variation of a feed roller. When that feed roller gets increased, the overfeed takes place and that is how Slub yarn gets produced.

Manufacturing of the Slub Yarn in the Ring Frame:

Step 1: There is a motor named servo with additional Slub and twist gear.

Step 2: Back and middle rollers get motion from the gearing. Here, the front rollers receive motion from the separate gearing.

Step 3: The speed variation of both back and middle rollers produces a Slub.

Step 4: There is a well-maintenance of the break draft. Otherwise, roving breakage may get created.

Step 5: The back roller speed will be increased after a fixed time. It results in material feeding. That time, the front zone draft remains in a constant position.

Step 6: The controller controls the speed amount and the speed of the back roller.

Step 7: Twist gear works like an optional device.

Step 8: The front roller speed controls the twist.

Types of Slub Yarn

Different Types of Slub Yarns

Based on the visual effect, Slub yarns have the following types:

  1. Regular
  2. Irregular
  3. Multicount
  4. Patterned or non-patterned Slub yarns.

On the basis of the thickness and the Slub length, the yarn gets classified into two types. The varieties are:

  1. Multicount Yarn: the thread number changes when the twists remain unaltered. Here, it leads to the fabric spinning variation that has a color combination.
  2. Multi-Twist Yarn: Here, the yarn number remains the same but the twists change. It leads to the different textures in the fabric and color.

Slubs get produced by adjusting the card. As a result, the fiber stock gets rolled up to form neps. This is nothing but the opposite of the usual carding action. By varying the cylinder-doffer setting, it becomes easy to produce slubs.

Properties of Slub Yarn

Yarn Name

Slub Yarn

Manufacturing Materials

Natural and Artificial

Yarn Durability


Resistance to Abrasion

Depends on the Slub Parameter

Shrinking Ability 


Yarn Nature

Tensile Sensitive

Yarn Shine


Mostly Used In

woolen knitting, handicraft, furnishing

Resistance to Pilling 

Better results

Yarn Hairiness 


 Characteristics of Slub Yarn

  1. Yarn Durability: Slub yarn decreases the fabric’s durability as the yarn has weak spots. Yet, Slub yarn tries to create a more personalized effect on the fabric.
  2. Possesses Soft slubs or Lumps: But these soft slubs and lumps get vanished before warping and twisting.
  3. Slub length: Slub length goes up to 2 meters.
  4. Slub yarn recommended speed: Slub manufacturers recommend a speed per minute of 50 meters.


  • Slub Silk

Slub silk is also gets characterized as roves (a pattern of Slub yarn)

Advantages of Slub Yarn

Slub yarn has many exciting advantages to look for. For instance.

  1. The Trendiness in the market.
  2. Hassle-free fabrication procedure
  3. Cost-effective product

Ground Slub Yarn

This yarn is available in textures like fancy and plain. These textures attract customers with their appearance. The differences that you will be going to see in the linear yarn density during the spinning process. The process has two portions. It also comes in a single assembly- A Slub part and a base yarn part.

Applications of Slub Yarns

Slub yarn has endless uses in the fashion industry. Most of the cases, they get used in the RMG sector, high-end shirting material, home textiles, value-added knitwear, and other industries like-woolen knitting, handicraft, furnishing, etc. The sub-yarns create appealing fabric designs on the end products.

They also get used in upholstery, curtains, lace, and household fabrics. The sub-yarn is also getting popular in the denim industry through ring spinning. Also, there are combed slubs in the market available for purchase.


The price and quality of the Slub yarn vary. It depends on the manufacturer’s choice. Always try to compare the prices with your requirement. There was a problem with Slub yarn manufacturing before with the carding and spinning processes. Slub yarn provides fabric and knitwear with a rich personality vibe. Any type of fabric can have a higher count of slubs in texture and style. Slub yarn never loses its popularity and pleases all the customers for being the fashion symbol.


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