Whether you are looking for work wear or a casual outfit, your choice ultimately ends up with a short sleeve pique polo shirt. Among other fashion choices, polo shirts are great to make an outstanding impression. Since the popularity exceeds all the rumors around polo shirts, this article will take you into insights into the types of polo shirts you are not aware of.

What is a Polo shirt?

A polo shirt is more than a traditional combination that mixes up the oxford dress shirt and the casual T-shirt. It features both a collar and a placket of buttons. Besides, Polo shirts come up with a seamless placket (buttoned) and a collar. There is also a side slit for providing extra mobility.

Polo shirt

They are casually elegant outfit options that bring both class and fineness. Polo shirts are no less than regular T-shirts. The only thing that differentiates polo shirts from others is the collar, the placket with two buttons near the chest.

What is a Polo Shirt Made of?

Polo shirts tend to be made with knitted cotton named pique. Pique consists of a waffle structure that makes the product breathable and absorbent.

pique fabric

The polo shirt has a knitted pique that provides a robust feature of flexibility and functionality. Moreover, Polo shirts are cotton materialled. The origin of t-shirt comes from the game polo, although the shirt got its fame from the fame tennis.

Types of Polo Shirts

Polo shirt has multi-dimensional types starting from long sleeve to short sleeve. The breakdown of the most popular polo shirts is available below:

Types of Polo Shirts

  • Short-Sleeve Polos

They are the most common type that tends to be made from many different materials-cotton, blend, polyester-blend. Also, they come in various sorts of both colors and patterns based on casual occasions. These provide great comfort as well.

  • Prima Cotton Polos

They are lightweight in nature. The material can be both cotton, poly blends, and technical fabric.

  • Long Sleeve Polos

The only difference between short-sleeve and long-sleeve polos is the length-short and long. Long sleeve polos are full in length like sweaters.

  • Wool Polos 

Wool polos are the dressier version of the long sleeve. Also, they are like woolen sweaters. They feature collars and button plackets. Compared to pique polos, they do not tend to be durable.

  • Pique Polos

They are the most renowned polos in the fashion industry. It distinguishes itself from others based on its uniqueness and bold look. The pique polo comes with built-in stretchability

  • Sportswear Polos

They are well-designed for sports like golf, and tennis based on performance and movement. They tend to be short-sleeved with great mobility. Besides, the features of these polo shirts are built-in stretchability, moisture-wicking abilities, and control features. They have been comfortable and functional.

Properties of Polo Shirt

Fabric Name

Polo Shirts

Manufacturing Materials


Pique Cotton

Fabric Durability


Fabric Breathability

Medium to High



Fabric Shine


Fabric Drape Ability


Heat Retention Abilities 


Prone to Bubbling


Moisture-Wicking Ability



Characteristics of Polo Shirt

Polo shirts have exciting features to get acknowledged. Other than being a supportive outfit for sports, the polo shirt has a solution to all the other queries.

Characteristics of Polo Shirt

These shirts are wearable items for all occasions. The key features of Polo shirts are as follows:

  • Fashionable

Polo shirts can easily land a fashionable look on the wearer. Although they can be very detailed, they in sudden cases end up giving worse look as well.

  • Available for All Ages of People

Polo shirts are available for all walks of life- including men, women, children, and old aged people as well. The styles vary from the long sleeve polo to the fitted polos.

  • Budget-Friendly

Polo Shirts are budget friendly in most cases. The Cost differs based on the material and the quality.

The Various Parts of Polo Shirt: The Physical Features

The key physical features of polo shirts are as follows:

  • Needle Stitching Twin in Nature: The two lines of identical stitching increase the hem and the premium look.
  • Placket: The opening of the polo shirt neck. Here buttons get attached.
  • Cuffed Sleeves: Cuffed Sleeves tend to be elasticated. Also, there are long sleeve and short-sleeved polo shirts with distinct features.
  • Yoke: A stitched pattern where there is an oval shape on the collar.
  • Side Vents: Some vents are stitched in nature. It helps with air circulation.
  • Taped Neck Seams: It gets stitched around the neckline inside to strengthen the collar shape.

Applications of Polo Shirts

Polo shirts come in a range of colors and different features. The applicability ranges from-

Polo Shirts including breast pockets: The pockets are usable as a teasing mark. There is no specific purpose for having this pocket on polo shirts.

Polo Shirts without any collar: There are polo shirts available without collars. This is just a design that fashion designers try to contribute as a variation.

Polo Shirts including Stand-up collars: In such types of polo shirts, this collar is necessary as many people appreciate this design.

Polo Shirts without Button Placket: This is also because the design differs and is a matter of taste. This placket helps to allow more air into the chest.

Apart from these, there are different fits of polo shirts. They are Slim fit, Custom fit, Classic Fit, and Oversized.


  • How to wear a polo shirt?

The wearing criteria depend on two modes-length and sleeve length. The polo shirt should be tighter around the chest and arms. It should fit close to the body. The occasions are as per your thought.

  • What is Polo Shirt Printing?

There are a few methods of applying logos on polo shirts. These applications include screen printing, digital printing, and cut logo transfers. They get cut into custom shapes with a heat application, and the prints get directed to garment printing.


Apart from the mentioned polo types, there are embroidered polos. These are more stylish and versatile in nature. Embroidered polos can be a short-sleeve polo. There is hardly a scenario we would imagine where there will not be any impact of wearing a polo shirt in day-to-day life. For a polo shirt, the collar is the one that makes the distinguishing difference with an extra edge appearance. Since you have received an overview of the different polo types, you just need to customize the relatable things. The only key to finding the right polo is having the different parts all aligned.


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