When you read the title, the word caught by your brain is: 'Chiffon' because chiffon is often synonymous with elegance in the fashion world from Bollywood to ball gowns. So, let's get started with one of the most luxurious fabric chiffons.

What Is Chiffon Fabric?

Chiffon is a lightweight plain woven fabric made using twisted filament yarn. The twisted yarn creates a gentle puckering on the fabric, resulting in a crumpling effect on the surface of the fabric which is the most distinguished character of chiffon fabric. The fabric is usually very fine and transparent with a textured hand feel and a sheer appearance. The term sheer means light and semi-transparent with a simple weave. ‘Chiffon fabric’ is used to indicate a wide variety of different fabrics which all have similar qualities.

The word ‘Chiffon’ is derived from the French word ‘chiffe’, which means "cloth" or "rag." But chiffon could be synonymous with any type of lustrous and sheer fabric. That’s woven in a particular style.

Chiffon Fabric

Types of Chiffon Fabric

  1. Silk crepe chiffon
  2. Jacquard chiffon
  3. Double-faced Chiffon
  4. Silk satin Chiffon
  5. Chameleon chiffon
  6. Chiffon with a special coating
  7. Pearl chiffon
  8. Chiffon with lurex, and so on.

Top Chiffon Fabric Producing Country

  1.  China
  2.  France
  3.  India
  4.  Pakistan
  5. Bangladesh

Chiffon Fabric Characteristics

Chiffon fiber contains different properties from one to another. But common characteristics below remain respectively:

  1.  Transparent or sheer.
  2.  Strong structure.
  3.  Light-weight.
  4.  Slight stretch.
  5.  Luminous.
  6.  Excellent drape.
  7.  Holds dye well.
  8.  Prone to fraying and snagging.
  9.  Resilience depends on fiber content.
  10.  Breathability depends on the fibers used.

What is chiffon fabric made of?

Chiffon was historically made from silk. In the 19th century, it was so expensive and had a high demand among upper-class women in Europe and the USA. But Chiffon fabric was first made in France. First, non-silk chiffon was produced in 1938. It was made from nylon, which was, at the time, a miracle fabric that could replace every type of organic textile, practically.

Now, Chiffon could be made from synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester. Generally, it’s created using polyester since it's durable and stain-resistant at a very low cost.

Chiffon could also be made from natural fibers like cotton, silk, etc. In terms of making chiffon fabric with silk, it's considered a premium option because it provides a shimmer smooth texture, and strength despite being very lightweight.

How is Chiffon Fabric Made?

Chiffon fabric is made by weaving yarns using a different method. High-twisted yarns are used here. As a result, create a light crumpling effect in different directions in gentle puckering of the fabric. it causes the slightly rough feel and stretch of the chiffon.

  1. Pre-Weaving Production: Chiffon is made using different methods. It depends if it is silk or polyester that is used to weave this unique type of textile.
  2. Weaving: Here, yarn is arranged in opposition in an S-shaped and Z-shaped curve. It’s woven together with an industrial weaving machine.
  3. Finishing: Once the chiffon fabric apparel is fully sewn, the paper is carefully ripped out.

Chiffon is often used to add an essence of elegance to apparel, particularly in evening dresses, tops, and lingerie products. Wedding dresses and Gowns have a chiffon overlay to give the apparel a floating appearance and an element of luxury.

Advantages of Chiffon fabric:

  • Cheaper to work with.
  • It's more versatile than silk.
  • Available in different weights.
  • Available in different patterns.
  • Breathable and Comfortable on the skin.
  • Convenient handling.
  • Provide visual delight.
  • Sturdier than silk
  • Can tear more easily.
  • Luxury feels.
  •  Having Hypoallergenic & Hygroscopicity properties
  • Shimmering appearance.
  • Soft drape.
  • Body temperature retaining properties, etc.

 What is Chiffon used for?

Application of Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon was historically worn as a sign of status. But now it can be made with relatively cheap textiles while providing the same kind of benefits. People from all over the world wear chiffon-made apparel to enjoy its versatile luxurious properties. Some apparel made from Chiffon are as:

  •  Dresses (evening, wedding, summer dresses)
  •  Lingerie’s
  •  Blouses
  •  Skirts
  •  Scarves
  •  Stoles
  •   Pareo
  •   Trousers
  •  Cardigans
  •  Vests, and many types of luxurious apparel.



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