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What is knitting? Knitting terms and definition



Knitting is a process of forming loops manipulating a yarn or a set of yarns by means of long needles. Each loop connects to a previously formed loop as each row progresses. Loops might be connected to each other either in horizontal direction or vertical direction. Knitted fabrics can easily be stretched to a greater degree than woven fabrics. There are basically two types of knitting, warp knitting and weft knitting. Here are some important terms related to knitting.


General terms related to knitting


Course: The loops which are connected to each other horizontally are called courses. 


Wales: The loops which are connected to each other vertically are called wales. 


Kink of Yarn: Kink of yarn defines the length of yarn bent into a suitable shape for the formation of weft-knitted loop. 


Knitted Loop: When two kinks of yarns are intermeshed, the loop is formed. 


Open Loop: A knitted loop in which the loop forming yarn enters the opposite sides without crossing over itself. 


Close Loop: A knitted loop in which the loop forming yarn enters the opposite sides with crossing over itself. 


Needle Loop: Needle loop is the upper part of a knitted loop. That means it’s formulated by the top arc and two legs or limbs.


Sinker Loop: The yarn portion connecting two adjacent needle loops is called sinker loop.


Loop/ Stitch Length: The length of yarn consumed to form a complete knitted loop is known as loop length or stitch length. 


Knitted Stitch:  Stitch is a kink of yarn that is intermeshed at both its top and bottom.


Stitch Density: Stitch density indicates the total number of loops in a square area unit. Usually, either square inch or square centimeter is used as a measurement unit.  


Top Arc: This is the upper curved part of a knitted loop.


Bottom Half-arc: This is the lower curved portion of a knitted loop.


Legs or Side Limbs: This is the rest part of a knitted loop connecting the top arc to the bottom half-arc. 



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