Have you heard of any fur-like and easy-picking fabric like peached one? If not, then this article is for you to have a brief idea of what is peached fabric that you can use to make any garment. Consider this a complete guideline as we bring to you every tiny detail from its manufacturing process to applications in a compact manner.

What is Peached Fabric?

Peached is a soft-touched fabric including textures that provide a peach skin with drapes. Because abrasive rollers are there to coat this fabric as peached during the drying moment.

Being supposed to produce a fabric that feels like the fur on a peach is known as peached fabric. It very is popular for being a furry one since those rollers are used to break fibers on a small scale.

TC Double Side Brushed Fleeced Fabric 

What is Peached Fabric Made of?

Most of the time, the peached fabric is made of polyester with a mixture of cotton in few times. It is produced by preaching; a process of sanding machine, that applies to any raw-material fiber. It applies to any fabric which is cotton in nature, easy to blend, and has a synthetic vibe.

Sometimes, the fabric provides a velvet-like feeling as sandpaper rollers rub this fabric. It is also known as suede fabric which is comfortable to wear. This is an ongoing easy touch fabric to use in multi-purpose ways. It is flimsy with textures and an increased rate of flow and drape.

Manufacturing Process:

1. Interlacing the threads:

The Intertwining of both cotton and polyester. In a peaching process, Fabric Sanding is a must to do. Peaching best applies to woven fabrics. Chemicals dip the sections of the material in a way where they are stretched enough to dry.

2. Peaching Process:

Fleecing Machine 

After a complete drying session, the machinery brushes the material in an automated way. The main process of peaching starts with creating fur-like mini fibers using abrasive rollers.

3. Outcome:

We get those soft and easy-to-touch hand fabrics with super texture.

Peach finish fabric or “Peaching” As a Process During the Manufacturing

In polycotton fabric, used peach finish fabric as a final process. But here, peaching is a process where fabric is pressurized with abrasive rollers and making fibers out of the fabric. Moreover, we can find a peached fabric by using the abrasion which is chemical in nature. With such a method, we find the fibers breaking at the most point using all the chemical particles.


Fabric Name

Peached Fabric

Manufacturing Materials

Cotton & Polyester

Fabric Breathability


Heat Absorbing Capability


Fabric Stretchability

Medium; is being Stretched during the drying process.  

Fabric Durability


Fabric Nature



Apparel and Home Décor Materials

Properties of Peached Fabric 

Fleeced Skin Fabric 


There are countless features of this fabric that one can never think of. The following features are the glimpse that holds:

  • Comes in a good Shape: Its holding a good shape is one of the exciting features. Being a smooth fabric, the peached fabric allows itself to come in a better-textured shape.
  • Lightweight and Anti-Wrinkle: Sometimes, it becomes boastful to think of peached fabric as the most wrinkle-resistance element among all the other fabrics. Since the peached fabric has high flow with drapes, it becomes easier to avoid wrinkles.
  • Resistant to Water: It has another name to call for. It is a board-shorts fabric. Because of its leakproof projects, it becomes perfect for board shorts, and beach bag themes.
  • Maintaining Color and Patterns: As we know, the peached fabric is mostly prepared by the sanding process, it gains the ability to absorb heat. Because of heat absorption and its’ ability to stretch, the peach fabric maintains color and pattern for a long time. If anyone is looking for bright graphics, the transfer of heat would be suitable in many ways.
  • Printability is Well-Ahead: One of the best ways to attract consumers with this peached fabric is its printing method and outcome. It prints the way you want with keeping the high and low density.
  • Retail appeal: Anyone would love to wear any clothing made from peached fabric. Because of its softness and trendy outlook, it has become easier to grab the attraction of retail customers.
  • Better Flow and Drape: It has glowing flow and drape patterns which help to create any project more decorative. Sometimes, outfits like skirts, or any patterned outfits can be created with the help of peached fabric. The two important features of peached fabric are its elegance and unfinished edges, which are perfect for apparel.
  • Crease-Resistant: Peached fabric or any peached material is creasing-resistant with no wrinkled parts and shows a vibrant look the entire day.
  • Moisture Absorption: As we have discussed before, peached fabric has the most resistant power mechanism to absorb heat, water, wrinkle, crease, and even oil, sweat, and moisture too. Such resistance power makes the fabric more “want-to-have” among the customers.
  • Breathability: It is best for the breathability features. Whatever garment you make with this, you will have comfort wearing all day. Besides, this fabric is perfect for human skin to have a furry feeling with no hard texture.
  • Offers better use in a Cold Climate: It has a smooth surface level with a velvety texture. Any outfit is easy-to-make through this fabric. Although this fabric is heat-resistant and has better breathability, it works better in a cold climate area. Besides, you can find many garments made of peached fabric for a climate that is not hot as summer.
  • Better Elasticity: It has better stretchability. With a smooth surface level and unfinished patterns, it applies to the elasticity.

How to Wash Peached Fabric?

The Peached fabric is easy-to-wash with the machine. To dry faster, we can even use a dryer. Sometimes, it seems to be weighty, but it is split-able.


With all its advantageous features, we can simply create any perfect outfits or floaty costumes starting from skirts, and pants, to nightwear. Apart from the costume fabric, we can utilize the peached fabric to create household textiles for an instance: pillowcases, tablecloths, and sheets.

Final Thoughts

The peached fabric will not disappoint you as long as you can take care of it with the best utilization. Because of its diversified usage and budget-friendly price, the it becomes a popular choice in the market. The Long-lasting feature will not fade away as it has superb resistance quality and a range of color patterns.



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