What is Moss Crepe Fabric?

Moss Crepe Fabric is a superior quality fabric that features excellent drape as well as a soft surface. It is a solid fabric that has been made from natural as well as  synthetic materials. The smooth surface of this fabric makes it super comfortable to wear. Warm in the winter as well as cool in the summer, this fabric will keep you comfortable. Moss Crepe is suitable for producing apparel like dresses, office wear, skirts, and waterfall jackets.

What is Moss Crepe Fabric


Fabric Name

Moss Crepe Fabric

Manufacturing Materials

Natural and synthetic fibers

Fabric Durability




Fabric Stretchability


Moisture-wicking abilities


Fabric Surface

Soft and Smooth

Fabric Texture

Slight crisp

Prone to bubbling


Applications Comfortability



Office wear, Women's Dresses, Waterfall jackets

How is Moss Crepe fabric made?

The primary fabrics used in moss crepe fabric may be made in several ways. The main distinguishing aspect of this kind of cloth is its weave; thus, designers and textile producers have explored many methods to achieve an impression that can be agreed upon as a "crepe."

Crepe yarn is formed by firmly twisting textile fibers substantially tighter than average. The yarn's unique bounce is achieved by alternating "S" as well as "Z" twists. These alternate spinning procedures produce crepe yarn in any fabric material. After production, crepe yarn may be colored, processed, and spun into clothes.


Moss crepe come with several exclusive features that make it one of the superior fabrics in the textile industry. Let's take a look at the characteristics of Moss Crepe fabric.

Moss Crepe Fabrics

a. Lightweight yet Durable

One of the notable features of Moss Crepe fabrics is that this fabric is lightweight. Although it is a lightweight fabric, it is excellently durable. This feature makes it one of the best solutions for everyday wearable apparel.

b. Breathable and Comfortable

Breathability is another fantastic feature of the Moss Crepe. This fabric ensures good breathability. Although Moss crepe fabric's breathability is less than other Crepe fabrics, it is good enough. This feature makes the fabric more comfortable to wear.

c. Retain heat excellently

The ability of heat retains of moss crepe fabric is excellent. The ability of Moisture wicking is also exceptional. The application made of this fabric will keep you warm in winter as well as in summer, it’ll keep you cool.

d. Compatible with different Applications

Moss fabric is lightweight, durable, breathable as well as comfortable. All these features make this fabric suitable to manufacture different apparel. You can produce women's dresses, office wear, and waterfall jackets from this superior fabric.


Moss Crepe Fabric is a durable as well as comfortable fabric. This kind of fabric will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. In addition to dresses, moss crepe fabric is used in various other applications. This kind of fabric drapes well over other fabrics and clings to the skin in a manner often seen as attractive and sensuous.

AOP Design on Moss Crepe Fabric

Since Moss crepe is a lightweight fabric, it is perfect to manufacture daily wear apparel like office wear. It also used to produce different women's wear like skirts as well as other dresses. This cloth can tolerate numerous washings without compromising its quality or color. So, it is also used to manufacture waterfall jackets.

Certifications Necessary for Moss Crepe Fabric

The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) is a certification program that recognizes enterprises that manufacture synthetic textiles sustainably. If you manufacture new clothing from recycled polyester, you may be qualified for GRS certification. It is also conceivable to recycle wool fabrics, and GRS can give a certificate in this case as well as in the others.


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