Imagine you are standing on the beach and feeling the cold weather. You can wrap a soft, light type of loungewear clothing around your body to make things more warmly peaceful. And if that dress is made of French terry fabric, then the matter will become more beautiful. Today I’m going to discuss about French terry. What is french terry? What is french terry made of? What is french terry fabric used for? And the difference between french terry vs. terry cloth.

What is French Terry Fabric?

French terry fabric is a knit fabric that has loops on one side as well as the other side is smooth, and this is the simplest definition of French terry. It’s very similar to a jersey. Usually, terry is made of cotton which makes it softer and more comfortable. But it could be made from other blend fibers such as spandex, polyester, lycra, or rayon. Consequently, French terry comes with many variations.

 What is French Terry

What is french terry fabric made of?

French terry is mainly made out of cotton. The most popular blend is cotton plus well up to 7% of spandex, which makes French very much more stretcher than 100% of cotton French terry than cotton French terry. It doesn't stretch a lot to know that sometimes France Terry stretches up to 10%. French terry typically stretches horizontally from selvage to selvage.

As Early said, French terry is mainly made out of cotton. But sometimes it comes with some spandex. And very often it is made out of polyester and spandex or polyester viscose cotton blend with some spandex. There are French theories that are made out of viscose or model. so, they are usually lighter weight and are traditionally stretchers. You can make french terry from any fiber which should define when it’s selling.


French terry is smooth, highly absorbent, and moisture-wicking. So, it is meant to keep the moisture away from your body. Some think that French terry was the same as Terry toweling. But it is not. Because Terry toweling will have loops on both sides, and French terry is smooth on the right side of the fabric.

French terry has the loops. That's why it's very often called bop Jersey. It's the lips at the back that are uncut, that define French terry. Unfortunately, many of you will buy, French terry cold whatever they want. So very often, you can find French terry well that is freeze back jersey. Because the lips are cut if all the loops at the back are cut, it's not French terry anymore. However, it's very often still called french terry by many of us.

What is french terry fabric used for?

If you're looking for the most comfortable fabric for your loungewear, you might be trying to choose french terry fabric. French terry has low-upkeep materials considered sew textures and offers solace, delicate quality, and style. The french terry casual vibe makes it best suited to running errands or heading to the gym.


French terry is a good jersey fabric for beginners; because it is easy for jerseys to sew. French terry may be a stable heavy jersey. Therefore, it's a flexible material for creating many different types of apparel. Hoodies, joggers, sweatshirts, bibs, tunics, dresses, tops, baby grows, etc are made from it.

French Terry Fabric Applications

French terry fabric is soft and doesn't need extensive care.  It has an extremely good recovery. You can stretch when it comes back. But some, especially in polyester French, after you've washed them many times, can become a bit buggy. Good quality cotton-based French terry doesn't do that.

Difference between french terry vs terry cloth

Terry cloth is pretty unique and awesome in terms of how it's made. It is a fabric that's woven using two warp beams, composed of the bottom warp that makes the bottom fabric. Therefore, the pile warp makes the uncut loop piles that get up on the bottom fabric.

But what does that mean? The pile warp is that the secret sauce increases the expanse and makes terry cloth super absorbent, strong, and soft to the touch. Unlike towel terry, French terry has two distinct sides — one side is smooth and flat, and therefore the other side has the classic "looped" terry feel. French terry cloth is commonly employed in producing apparel and might be used with spandex for a more athletic feel.


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