What is Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY)?

FDY or Fully Drawn Yarn is produced by a continuous process of polymerization. It is a full stretch yarn made of synthetic fiber filament. In the spinning and drawing processes, these filaments get obtained within the FDY.

Fully Drawn Yarn - FDY

The filaments are stretchy and used for the textile processing.These yarns are also known as the Polyester Filament Yarn (PFY), also known as the SDY (Spin Draw Yarn).

Fully Drawn Yarns are fixed yarn going through several processes. These processes are mostly stretching, orientation. Also, there is another process named crystallization.

What is Fully Drawn Yarn Made of?

Fully Drawn Yarns require polyester fiber. The production process of Fully Drawn Yarn is similar to the process of Partially Oriented Yarn (POY) manufacturing. These polyester filament yarns get used in producing fabrics with high strength and textiles.

FDYs Yarn Package

The FDYs get combined with other filament yarns in the knitting and weaving process. If we twist the polyester yarns, the polyester embroidery threads also can get manufactured. This manufacturing also goes similarly to the polyester sewing threads.

Manufacturing Details

In the manufacturing process of the Fully Drawn Yarn, the critical yarn properties are closely monitored. Here, the critical properties are tenacity, luster variation, boiling water shrinkage, and elongation are the significant ones. There are controlled interlace that enables the yarns to get twisted in the subsequent operations.

FDY Manufacturing Process

Fully Drawn Yarn has the process including the drawing or heat set orientation of the molecular chains. The polyester filament is highly drawn. The FDY yarn focuses on the fabric quality with avoiding the texturizing. After twisting, the fully drawn yarn mainly used as a drawn false twisted textured yarn (DTY). The FDY yarn allows new combinations in the spinning process. That makes the yarn easier to manage the dyeing, and the specialty in the lot production. FDY yarns also eliminate the draw-twisting and the process of sizing. It reduces the cost for the production for light and the medium fabric range.

Types of FYD: Luster Wise

According to the luster, fully drawn yarns get categorized into three types. They are:

  1. Semi Dull (SD)
  2. Bright (BR)
  3. Trilobal Bright (TBR)

Among these three, the Bright Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY-BR) has the circular cross section. Meanwhile, the trilobal Bright FDY has the triangular cross-section.


Characteristics of FDY

  1. Highly Compatible Yarn:Due to this highly compatibility, the yarn can easily get knitted and woven to produce the different variety of fabrics.
  2. Using in Warping:After twisting or sizing, the fully drawn yarn gets preferable to use in warping even if the yarn has higher shrinkage rate.
  3. Available in Different Dyed: Available in raw white, the dope dyed, and the colors and package dyed.
  4. Applies to fabrication of clothes:The application ranges from the curtains, high-end sportswear, and home furnishings.


  • Dyeing consistency is excellent
  • Less waste
  • High efficiency in the subsequent processes
  • Suitable for direct twisting and weaving as well as warping.


Fiber Name

Fully Drawn Yarn - FDY

Polyester Filament Yarn - PFY

Spin Draw Yarn -SDY

Manufacturing Materials 

Synthetic Materials-  Polyester, Silk

Fabric Crystallinity


Fabric Shrinkage Rate 



Less Stretchy

Fabric Elongation

Below 40%; low elongation

Fabric Drape Ability

Similar to fabric


Fully Drawn Yarn has a versatile range of applications. FDY has the main applications as the weft or weaves during the weaving process, and knitting. They get used as the first twisted threads material.

  • Mostly the FDYs produce high-end undergarments, also the sportswear.
  • FDYs have applications for utilizing in the home furnishings, and non-textured fabrics.
  • Also, the application areas of Fully Drawn Yarns are- Home furnishing fabrics, fashion fabrics, Terry Towel, and other Denim products.
  • Trilobal Bright Luster helps in manufacturing the curtains, bed-sheets, and carpets using the filament yarn.

Based on the Shrinkage, Fully Drawn Yarn can also be categorized in the application. They are:

  1. High Shrinkage Yarns: FDYs with this high shrinkage, used in the fabrication of the cloth. It creates a blooming structure on the surface of the fabric.
  2. Low Shrinkage Yarns: This shrinkage gets mostly used in the Rachel blanket industry.


Fully Drawn Yarn is a process where the yarn requires a high spinning speed to produce. It gets coupled with the intermediate drawing. It can be knitted and woven to get different variety of fabrics. The FDY yarns are available in the different types named SD and BRT. The available deniers are 50/24, 50/36, 75/72, 150/36.


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