Being originally developed in Turkey, Ottoman turns out to be a heavy fabric with a crosswise ribbed effect. The fabric is tightly woven and lustrous and good for apparel, upholstery, and trimmings. Learn more about this underrated fabric among all in this article briefly.

What is Ottoman Fabric?

Ottoman fabric refers to the ribbed effect that is made of silk and a mixture of cotton or silk-like yarns. The Ottoman fabric has a special application in the apparel sector.

Ottoman Fabric

Ottoman does not wrinkle much although prone to wrinkling depending on the fabric's construction. However, ottoman fabrics can be found cotton-made, woven, or knit. Any type makes the fabric easy to clean. 

What is Ottoman Fabric made of?

Ottoman fabric is made of silk, cotton, or a mixture of cotton and silk-like yarns. The fabric can be made of wool or synthetic blends depending on the use. It is a closely woven fabric with a unique corded appearance. Ottoman fabric is created through a specific weaving technique. 

Making Process of Ottoman Fabric

The weaving technique involves the interlacing process of warp and weft threads in a particular way that produces raised parallel cords across the fabric surface. If you are thinking of what gives the fabric a ribbed texture, it is the cords or ridges of the fabric. They run parallel to the selvage of the fabric making it lustrous as well.

Types of Ottoman Fabric

The Ottoman fabric has 2 types. They are woven and knitted. For instance:

  1. Ottoman Weaving: This fabric type is woven in warp pique knitting with thin warp and thick weft threads. Also, it is a thick fabric used for apparel and upholstery. The fabric is completely covered using a warp. 

  2. Ottoman knitting: A fabric type that is found in a circular knitting machine. Ottoman knitted fabric has uses in t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Types of Ottoman Fabric

Properties of Ottoman Fabric

Fabric Name

Ottoman Fabric

Fabric Composition

Silk, cotton, a mixture of both

Fabric Breathability


Fabric Durability

Durable and Strong

Fabric Appearance

Ribbed and Corded

Color Retention Ability



Jackets, Suits, Home Furnishing


Characteristics of Ottoman Fabric

Features that make Ottoman Fabric underrated yet popular:

Durable and Strong: Ottoman fabric has unique properties, for instance, it is durable and strong.

Makes a Beautiful Drape: Ottoman fabric has a beautiful drape that makes it an ideal choice for drapery application. 

Characteristics of Ottoman Fabric

Versatility: Ottoman fabric is versatile due to its colors and patterns. Versatility makes it a popular choice to be applied in a contemporary style.

Easy to Maintain: Ottoman fabric is easy to clean and maintain. It is machine-washed depending on the composition of the fabric.

Distinctive Design: Ottoman fabric has a distinctive design. The weaving becomes a real art as the striking patterns and colors are used. In the design, there is also a Turkish pattern. 

Application of Ottoman Fabric

The ottoman fabric has applications in various fields. The uses are:

  1. Apparel: Dresses and Skirts, Evening Wear

  2. Home Decor: Upholstery, drapery, pillows and curtains

  3. Accessories: Belts, bags, headbands, footwear

Application of Ottoman Fabric


  1. What is Ottoman Knit Fabric?

Ottoman Knit fabric refers to the heavy, ribbed knit with horizontal cords. It offers texture and structure for comfortable clothes and home decor.

  1. What is Cotton ottoman Fabric?

Cotton ottoman fabric refers to the natural breathability, comfort, and rich texture. It is a structured drape of a ribbed fabric that makes it ideal for various uses.


To sum up, ottoman fabric has a rich history used in clothing, upholstery, home decor, and drapery. In today’s world, ottoman fabric is getting popular due to its application and unique properties. Although there is a tight weave and ribbed texture, the fabric is resistant to wear and tear. Ottoman fabric can withstand frequent use making it a beautiful drape and an ideal choice for upholstery applications.




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