Maybe you know about the crepe fabric? Yeah! Crepe is one of the most popular fabrics in the textile industry. Georgette is a considerable part of the Crepe family. This fabric is one of the premium qualities among others in this family. Do you know what is Georgette fabric?

Georgette fabric is basically made of Silk; however, some kind of Georgette fabric is made of synthetic materials like polyester. Now here in this article, we are set to go through all the details about this what is Georgette fabric. So, continue reading this article to know more about this fabric.

What is Georgette Fabric?

Georgette fabric is woven with tightly twisted threads, giving it a somewhat rough texture. Georgette's Crêpe Georgette is made of tightly twisted yarns, which give the fabric a slightly crinkled appearance.

What is Georgette Fabric

Georgette is one of the most considerable parts of the crepe family. Madame Georgette, a well-known fashion dressmaker, is honoured with the fabric's name. It is a kind of semi-sheer, lightweight fabric with something like a grainy texture. It is one of the most common textiles for printing since it is robust and tear-resistant, and it can be dyed in any colour. This fabric comes with several exclusive features like excellent durability, breathability, and comfortability as well.


Fabric Name

Georgette Fabric

Fabric Materials

Silk as well as Polyester

Fabric Durability


Heat retain capability


Bubbling possibility


Fabric Comfortability

Highly Comfortable

Moisture Wicking capability


Fabric Drapeability


Recommended Washing Temperature

Cold and Dry wash

Mostly used in

Dresses, Shirts, Lining, Eveningwear, Wedding Dress, Party Dress as well as home decorations

What is Georgette Made of?

There is a different type of Georgette fabric available, and they are based on the manufacturing materials. However, the primary material o manufacture is Silk. Some type of Georgette fabric is made of polyester materials as well. Stretchable Georgette is made of spandex or spandex-type materials.

Georgette is a simple woven fabric that is made with a tight twist with an s-twist and z-twist. This fabric can also be weaved with jacquard and satin weave. This fabric can design with different types of printing.

Types of Georgette Fabric

There is a different type of Georgette fabrics available in the marketplace. Those mainly vary based on the manufacturing materials. Each and every kind of georgette fabric has some dedicated features and functions. Let's take a look at the different types of Georgette fabric:

Types of Georgette

Silk Georgette

The georgette fabric that is made of Silk is referred to as Silk Georgette. This type of Georgette is also known as pure georgette fabric. Georgette that is made of 100% silk is more expensive than other types of Georgette. Silk Georgette is durable as well as comfortable to wear. It also has excellent color retaining capability.

Double Georgette

The term double Georgette refers to such a kind of georgette fabric that is much denser than others. However, this type of Georgette has good enough drapability as well as translucent features. The more idiotic design of this fabric makes it more durable.

Nylon Georgette

Nylon georgette is mostly famous in the Indian fashion and textile industry. This type of Georgette fabric is also known as faux Georgette. Nylon georgette is a sustainable fabric for layering dresses like Sharee and Shalwar. This type of fabric is suitable for different weather and temperature.

Jacquard Georgette

Jacquard georgette is another most popular type of georgette fabric in the textile industry. The jacquard loom is used to wave this kind of fabric. It gives the fabric excellent strength. This type of Georgette is much stronger than other georgette fabrics.

Stretch Georgette

This type of georgette fabric incorporates spandex as well as other elastic materials. This georgette fabric has a good enough breathability feature as well as it is excellently durable. Its stretchable feature makes this fabric a perfect option for apparel.

Satin Georgette

Georgette fabric that is made with satin weave is known as Satin Georgette fabric. Satin georgette has shinier finishing, and it is comfortable as well.

Polyester Georgette

Polyester Georgette is one of the most used Georgette in the textile industry. This type of fabric is made of polyester materials. Like silk georgette, it is a highly durable fabric that has excellent breathability.

Features of Georgette Fabrics

Georgette fabric has a set of excellent features and functions that makes this fabric one of the best in the textile platform. This lightweight fabric has good enough durability, excellent breathability feature as well as drape ability, and stretchable features. Let's take a look at the Georgette fabric features.

Georgette Fabric

Lightweight yet Durable

The first and foremost feature of Georgette fabric is it is excellently lightweight fabric. Although it is light, this fabric has good enough durability. Actually, Georgette fabric is a highly durable and long-lasting fabric.

Excellently breathable

One of the most amazing features of this fabric is that the georgette fabric has excellent breathability features. But one thing we should mention is that synthetic materials made in Georgette fabric are less breathable than silk Georgette.

Better Drapeability

Georgette fabric comes with a nice structure, and it is a kind of excellent flowy fabric. To add dimension as well as an eye-catching effect, Georgette fabric is layered on other fabrics.

Slightly Stretchable

Georgette fabric is slightly stretchable fabric. Especially, Stretch Georgette fabric has excellently stretchable features.

Ease of Care

Last but not least, Georgette fabric is easy to care for. This fabric is easy to clean. It is possible to wash in machine wash. For hand washing, you should use normal detergent to clean. Coldwater is the recommended water temperature to wash the applications.


Now it is time to talk about the applications of Georgette fabric. Georgette is a kind of fabric that is widely used in the textile industry to manufacture different applications. Since this fabric is not sheer, it is a better option for dresses. It has good clings as well as a drape; it can figure nicely. This fabric is also suitable for maxi dresses as well as midi dresses.

Georgette is one of the most popular fabric solutions in India in terms of saree. Silk georgette is one of the best fabric options for manufacturing sarees. Georgette fabric is also used to manufacture different types of home decor.

Wrap Up

Georgette is a popular type of crepe fabric that comes with several exclusive features. Since this fabric is excellently durable as well as has great breathability features, it is widely used in the textile industry to manufacture different types of applications. This lightweight fabric comes with a different print design.


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