If the question arises in your mind, "what is poplin fabric?" Then you are absolutely in the right place. A wide variety of clothing we wear throughout the year is made of poplin fabric. Even most of the men's and women's shirts are made with poplin. But we don't know exactly what a poplin is, what it is made of, how it differs from regular plain cloth, and what poplin is used for! Today I will reveal some secrets of such a commonplace fabric based on my 10-year study in textile and fashion and 5 years of practical experience.

What is Poplin Fabric?

Poplin is a fine plain woven fabric with an easy drape yet simultaneously sturdy and tough. It's mostly made of 100% cotton and some other materials including polyester, wool, linen, and poly-cotton blended. The poplin has a distinctive ribbed texture and closes tight weave which makes it strong and shiny. Unlike regular plain cloth, the poplin is constructed with more warp yarns than weft yarns per unit area. The warp and weft density ratio is between 1:80 - 2:1, making more warp floats on the face side.

What is the origin of Poplin?

The word Poplin comes from the French word pipeline. Poplin Fabric is known as a tabinet combined with plane wrap and stands straight weft. It is thick, wool, or silk fabric. Poplin fabric is one of the smooth, very soft, and most comfortable fabrics, and it is used in Men's wear, Women's wear, and Sportswear mostly.

How Poplin is Made?

In poplin fabric production, uniform warp and weft yarns are woven on a loom into a tightly structured grey fabric, which is then signed, refined, mercerized, bleached, printed, dyed, and finished. It is suitable for clothing such as shirts and outerwear, and can also be used as an embroidery base cloth.

What is Poplin Fabric Made of?

- Poplin is now made with combinations of silk, cotton, wool synthetic, etc. It's contrasted with rib and tight weave.
- Traditionally, Poplin is constructed with silk yarn and a plain weave filled with heavy wool yarn.
- Nowadays, poplin fabric is made of 100% cotton and some other materials including silk, satin, wool, yarn, rayon, or poly blend fabric. Various types of rib texture and plain weave give a sheen to the fabric.

Different Types of Poplin Fabric

According to different spinning projects, poplin can be divided into the following types

1. Fully Combed Poplin: This kind of poplin is made using combed yarns in both warp and weft.
2. Half Thread Poplin: This kind of poplin is made using combed yarns only in the warp direction.

There are also some other common types of poplin based on weaving, design, and colors. They are as below:

Ordinary Plain Poplin 

1. Ordinary Plain Poplin: Ordinary poplin refers to plain weaving poplin. It is composed of 98% Cotton and 2% Spandex material. Shrink-Resistant Ordinary Plain Poplin fabric is widely used for home textile applications like bedding, pillow case, quilt cover, mattress cover, and so on.

Check Poplin Fabric 

2. Check Poplin: Check Poplin is a durable plain weave fabric. It is a very versatile lightweight fabric that is suitable for producing mass clothing. Check Polipin fabric is used to make bias tape, flag-making, and creative crafts.

Satin Poplin Fabric 

3. Satin Poplin: Satin polipin is produced from combed yarn by plain weaving techniques. It provides the wrinkle-resistant appearance of a Supple or Satin touch feeling. It is a very lightweight, stable, easy-to-sew, and care fabric. Widely used for Lining, Interlining, bedding cover, garments, and so on.

Jacquard Poplin Fabric 

4. Jacquard Poplin: Jacquard Poplin is a soft, crisp, and lightweight poplin with a tiny diamond jacquard pattern. It provides Jacquard's texture to fabric that gives a wonderful depth you don't often notice. This fabric feels enough body to make it feel durable, yet airy. Soft, Tear-Resistant, Shrink-Resistant, and Sustainable Jacquard Poplin fabric is widely used for shirts, blouses, and other apparel.

Printed Poplin Fabric 

5. Printed Poplin: Printed poplin is the most suitable fabric for manufacturing garments and apparel. It has Anti-Static, quick dry, and breathable properties.

Characteristic of Poplin fabric

There are some characteristics of Poplin fabric. So, let's see-

  • Sportsmen love to wear this fabric as Sportswear. Because it is smooth and breathable.
  • It's the most comfortable fabric. People can wear it all day long as formal or office wear without feeling too hot.
  • It's a lightweight fabric; that's why people can carry it out quickly.
  • It's very thick, easy to wash, and dying.

What is Twill?

"Twill" relates to a particular form of weaving that leads in a diagonal pattern instead of a specific sort of fabric fiber. Twill is also a plain weave fabric but has a heavyweight. It is extreme because yarns are closed tight. Also, Twill is used for pants, jeans, and jackets.

Difference between Poplin and Twill

Difference between Poplin and Twill 

What are the differences between Poplin and Twill? Here are some of the differences-

  1. Poplin is breathable, while Twill is heavy and strong
  2. Poplin is thicker than twill Poplin is carriable easily, while Twill is weighted
  3. Twill is constructed with parallel ribs, while Poplin is constructed with a horizontal weave.
  4. Poplin is durable, smooth, wrinkle-resistant, and carriable, while Twill shows less dirt, and has a different side, diagonal rib pattern.
  5. Poplin is used for Shirts, dresses, and skirts, and Twill is used for jeans, pants, trousers, and jackets.


  1. The breathable and lightweight fabric. Has good moisture absorption and air exchange capabilities. That's why it is usually used to produce sportswear or office wear that can be worn all day without making feel too uncomfortable.
  2. Softest and most comfortable fabric. It has a silky uniform structure. The wearer can freely move while wearing Poplin fabric.
  3. Has a lustrous sheen, pleasant to the touch, and is soft; therefore it can wear at any formal occasion with a polished look.
  4. Winkle and Water-resistant. Stain-resistant helps to survive tea or coffee spills.
  5. Anti-crease. It is an excellent choice for pants that can wear all day long.
  6. Easy to maintain Fabric. 30-60 Degree machine-washable. Pro Long service life.


  1. The complexity of processing this fabric.
  2. Can not lock the temperature.
  3. Not a suitable fabric for winter.
  4. shrinkage during washing is possible.
  5. Very thin fabric.

What is poplin fabric used for?

Poplin fabric is inexpensive and affordable, and anyone can afford it. So, it is very popular in both hot and cool worlds. Mostly poplin is used for Shirts, Kamij, skirts, Blouse, etc. and people of every stage can use it. Poplin is a popular shirting fabric that may be found in everything from casual blouses to much more sophisticated men's shirts.

Because it's smooth, lightweight, and carried out. People use this for Sportswear because it is breathable and can wear it for a day long, and it will keep everyone cool. Velvet poplin shirts are preferred in cooler climates, while cotton poplin fabric is more common in warmer temperatures.


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