Chiffon and Georgette both fabrics are women’s most favorite, comfortable, and easy draping fabrics. Although they are popular, the conundrum between these two fabrics has been always there. It is alright if you get confused too! Keep reading as this article covers all the confused and dubious nature of both Chiffon and Georgette briefly.

What is Chiffon?

Chiffon refers to the soft, plain-woven, and lightweight fabric. It has the most exclusive application in clothing, upholstery, household curtains, and cushion covers. The fabric keeps you cool and gives you a nice drape.

What is Chiffon?

The positive thing is, the fabric does not cling to your body. But there is a risk that the threads of Chiffon may snag and fray in an easy matter.

What is Georgette?

Georgette refers to the pure silk-made traditional fabric. It is made of rayon, polyester, and sometimes viscose. The material is heer, lightweight, and dull finish. It has various applications in home decor and clothing areas. Georgette is mostly found in solid colors.


Two types of Georgette are available in the market- Silk Georgette and Crepe Georgette. Georgette which is made with synthetic fibers, tends to be less breathable.

Chiffon Vs. Georgette: The Difference in Tabular Form


Area of Difference



Fabric Composition

Silk or Synthetic

Cotton and Polyester


Puckered Texture Due to the twisted yarn

Abrasive Texture due to the strong threads


Flowy and Sheer

Semi-Transparent and Lightweight


It gives voluminous layers and has more drape

Sturdy in nature; Has slightly less drape


Less Durable

Strong and Durable


Less Thick

Thicker and Heavier


20-50 g/m2

30-80 g/m2



Soft Blouses



  • Which is more expensive, Chiffon or Georgette?

Whether Chiffon or Georgette is expensive depends on how they are made, the fabric construction, quality, and market demand. Usually, Silk Chiffon and Silk Georgette, two forms of both fabrics tend to be expensive the most. It is because the quality of silk yarn costs more.

  • Which is better: Chiffon and Georgette?

Depending on sheerness and draping ability, Chiffon stands out in a better form compared to Georgette.


To differentiate between Chiffon and Georgette, one must look into the texture of both fabrics. The chiffon has a smooth and silky texture whereas Georgette has a grainy texture. Other than texture, the appearance of the fabric matters. We believe this article has been insightful in giving you this information.



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