Whether you agree or disagree, you will be astounded to realize that there are more than hundreds types of fabric in the entire world. Among them, some are new, and a few are old. Yet, the list of fabric types is getting a considerable size beyond our imagination. Based on the following facts, this article will sum up those different fabric types in an order of A to Z used in textile industry.

A-to-Z Fabric Types Used in Textile Industry

Although there are several fabric types in textile industry, we outline them in a suitable position like from A to Z. In this section, we will get to know all the fabric names, materials used, and applicability that falls under the A-to-Z order.

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Aertex Fabric:

Aertex fabric

Aertex is a lightweight, yet loose material made of cotton. This woven materialled fabric gets highly used to make shirts and undergarment clothing.


Brocade Fabric:

Brocade Fabric

Brocade fabric is patterned, and woven fabric made of silk, wool, cotton, and other synthetic fibers. This fabric has low stretchability and medium moisture-wicking abilities. Mostly, brocade fabric applies to costumes, upholstery, and ecclesiastical vestments.

Bamboo Fabric:

 Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo fabric refers to those textiles made of the bamboo plant. Mainly the composition of this fabric is the semi-synthetic natured viscose cellulose that gets extracted from bamboo. Due to its high breathable issue, bamboo fabric mostly uses for clothing and household textiles.

Blackout Fabric:

Blackout Fabric

Blackout fabric is polyester and even cotton-made fabric is mostly used for blackout curtains. This fabric regulates the room temperature and must get hand-washed for regular maintenance.

Berber Fleece:

Berber Fleece fabric

A situation when yarn gets knitted into fabric type with a brushed nature to make it more fluff. They are mainly significant in making coat liners, blankets, jackets, and winter apparel for all gender. 


Chambray Fabric:

Chambray fabric

Chambray fabric is a fabric of plain weave with colored warp yarn and white weft yarn. This fabric consists of absolute (100%) cotton. This fabric tends to be lighter and applies to different garment materials-Shorts, dresses, shirt fabrics, and Household furnishes.

Chiffon Fabric:

Chiffon fabric

A fabric that refers to a delicate and balanced portion of plain weave with sheerness is well-known as Chiffon fabric. Mostly, this fabric composes of materials-silk, cotton, polyester, nylon, and rayon. With high breathability and medium stretchability, chiffon fabric is applicable for evening attires and wedding outfits.

Corduroy Fabric:

Corduroy Fabric

Corduroy fabric is a sustainable and ridged patterned textile product with the material used of cotton, wool, and synthetic. It has medium fabric breathability and moisture-wicking abilities with applicability on uniforms, dresses, accessories, and upholstery.

Chiengora Fabric:

Chiengora Fabric

Chiengora fabric is dog hair-made soft fabric that keeps the body warm. Although the fabric is not elastic at all, it appears luxurious and fluffy. The applications range from creating blankets to sewing different projects, scarves, and pillows.

Canvas Fabric:

Canvas Fabric

A fabric that is plain-woven made of cotton and linen with maximum durability is well-known as Canvas Fabric. With the blending of cotton with synthetic fiber, the canvas becomes water-resistant and uses for creating sails, backpacks, and other accessories.

Cable Knit Fabric:

Cable Knit Fabric

Cable knit fabric refers to double knit fabric made of loop transfer strategies. Because of the rope-like appearance, the fabric highly uses for making sweaters and jackets fabric.

Cambric Fabric:

Cambric Fabric

Cambric Fabric refers to a lightweight plain-woven fabric made of cotton and linen material. Most of the time, this fabric uses for clothing-shirt and gowns, accessories, and home furnishing objectives.

Challis Fabric:

Challis Fabric

A lightweight woven fabric made of blended silk and wool is recognized as challis fabric. It is durable and easy-to-obtain as well as applicable for shawls, bed jackets, and dirndls.

Cupro Fabric:

Cupro Fabric

Cupro fabric is recycled cotton materialled cellulose that has the risk of getting exposed to copper and caustic soda. Ultimately the materials mentioned above result in a semi-synthetic substance to be used in making fine garments, evening wear, and fitted clothing.

Cordura Fabric:

Cordura Fabric

Cordura fabric is a synthetic-cotton blended fabric with enough strength to make textiles unique in quality. Mainly, they are for making work wear, jackets, and other coverings.

CVC Fabric:

CVC Fabric

CVC (Chief Value cotton) is a cotton or polyester-blended fabric with a ratio of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They are durable and mostly used for making work wear-Shirts, and Institutional uniforms.

Chino Fabric:

Chino Fabric

Chino fabric is another form of twill fabric that consists of 100% of cotton. Mainly, the application is to make trousers and chinos. These fabrics are cotton-synthetic blended.

Crepe Fabric:

Crepe Fabric

Crepe fabric defines itself as a weaving fabric treatment method that requires rippling and dimensional textures. With its application on garments and ceremonial uses, the fabric shows its delicate and traditional culture upholding.

Chintz Fabric:

Chintz Fabric

A medium-weighted woven cotton fabric that is applicable for women’s outfits and household furnishings. Chintz fabric appears as a solid color with twisted warp yarns.

Chenille Fabric:

Chenille Fabric

Chenille fabric is a soft materialled fabric made of silk, rayon, and wool. It gets utilized in the fashion industry and home décor appliances because of its fluffiness and unique history.



Denim Fabric:

Swatch of Denim FabricSwatch of Denim Fabric

Denim is a dyed cotton woven made in a warp-faced style. With low to medium stretchability, denim fabric is commonly applicable for all washing temperatures and for making outfits, jackets, aprons, and accessories.

Drill Fabric:

Cotton Drill Fabric

Drill is a robust and cotton woven fabric made with a diagonal twill pattern. Intending to make khakis, drill fabric ranges its applicability from uniforms to chef coats and aprons.

Double Jersey Fabric:

Double Jersey Knit Fabric

This fabric refers to a knitted fabric where there are two needle sets with two needle beds. Although double jersey fabric is a reversible one, it drapes better with a constructed look. Mostly, the fabric gets used for making blazers, suits, and other homely outfits.

Dobby Fabric:

Dobby Fabric

Dobby fabric is one of the popular woven fabrics with tiny geometric patterns. The fabric is diagonal woven with soft hand touch that makes it perfect for use on summer days on children’s apparel and other heirloom textiles.

Duck Cloth:

Duck Cloth

Duck cloths are heavy, yet plain woven fabric made of cotton and linen. Mostly they get used for making sandbags, aprons, duffel bags, totes, tents, shoes, and other sneakers.

Dazzle Fabric:

Dazzle Fabric

Dazzle fabric is a waffle materialled and tiny hole pattern of weaving fabric made of cotton and synthetic blends. The word “dazzle” represents its sleek appearance with widely used applications in making uniforms for games and casual clothing styles.

Dimity Fabric:

Cotton Dimity Fabric

Dimity is lightweight yet a cotton wash-like fabric. Its cords and ribs run warp-wise throughout the clothing of white-colored to make upholstery and curtains.

Damask Fabric:

Floral Damask Fabric

This fabric is a reversible patterned fabric made of silk, wool, cotton, and linen. There are both natural and artificial damasks variable with not stretchy features. Mostly they are applicable for making evening outfits, upholstery, and home furnishings.



Flannel Fabric:

 Flannel fabric

Flannel fabric is cotton, wool-made fabric that gets soft, brushed texture, and insulative. Depending on the constituent fabrics, the flannel fabric is commonly used in making shirts, cardigans, upholstery, and household furnishings.

Fleece Knit Fabric:

Fleece Knit Fabric

Fleece fabric is a polyester-made soft textile with a deep pile. Fleece knit fabric gets used for playing sportswear and any outwear due to its easy-to-sew feature.

Fiberglass Fabric:

Fiber Glass Fabric

Fiberglass fabric is glass fiber woven made material. The texture of this fabric causes it to trap air pockets. Due to its high thermal features, fiberglass clothing is used in mold-making, and wood enforcement features.

Filter Fabric:

Non-Woven Filter Fabric

Filter fabric is an air pollution-controlled device that removes dust particles. In the form of long bags, the filter fabric varies in a significant way.

Felt Fabric:

Felt Fabric

Felt fabric is a matted type of fabric made of wool and animal fur. Due to its high flame retardant, the fabric is commonly used in insulative garment lining, crafting, and other apparel.

French Terry Fabric:

French Terry Fabric

French terry is mostly cotton-made comfortable fabric with a few blends of spandex, lycra, and polyester fibers. Because of their easy-to-clean and water-resistant features, they get used in making sweatpants, pullovers, hoodies, and shorts.

Faux Fur Fabric:

Luxurious Faux Fur Fabric

Faux Fur is the fur-like fabric made of animals’ long hair. This fabric has a soft and furry texture and shines like any other fabric with proper sheerness. The applications of this fabric range from clothing (jackets, coats) to accessories like (Shoes, purses, shade shawls) and home furnishing items.



Gingham Fabric:

Gingham Fabric

Gingham is a cotton blended plain weave fabric made of dyed yarn woven. To form a pattern, the gingham fabric provides a reversible and low-cost production fabric.

Georgette Fabric:

Georgette Fabric

The georgette fabric is a woven silk-made textile fabric with puckered surface and drape ability. This fabric gets used for making evening outfits, and occasional clothing.

Gabardine Fabric:

Gabardine Fabric

It is a woven textile type made of twill weave. Gabardine fabric’s main materials are cotton, wool, and blended versions of cotton and wool. Being durable, this fabric is mostly used for making trousers, outwear, overcoats, and trenchcoats, and many other strong garments.

Gauze Fabric:

Gauze Fabric

A gauze fabric is a rows-per-inch fabric set, mostly woven fabric. Depending on the size of yarn, needle, and pattern, gauze fabric gets utilized for making apparel products.

Grindle Fabric:

Grindle fabric

Grindle fabric refers to the same counts of two-yarned fabric with distinct color combinations. Those two yarns twisted together to make a special effect of a lighter and bright. They have a plain pattern, and the type is blended. Besides, they get used to making apparel.


Hacci Fabric:

Hacci Fabric

Hacci fabric refers to the lightweight sweater-materialled fabric that is stretchy like normal knits. The main composition of this fabric is a cotton blend of wool, polyester, and spandex. The fabric has applicability to making joggers, cardigans, and sweatpants.

Hosiery Fabric:

Hosiery Fabric

Hosiery fabric is a knit or woven fabric made of spandex and nylon. These fabrics are significant for making women’s stockings, and socks regardless of any gender and age.


Interlock Fabric:

Interlock Fabric

This fabric is a weft-knitted fabric made using two rows of needles. Rib and pique are the main variety. This fabric is thick and heavy with applicability in making garment products, polo shirts, and leggings.

Industrial Fabric:

Polyester Industrial Fabric

They are made of natural and synthetic materials ranging from printing and belting to other processing. They get used in making unwoven textures, woven, and knit manufacturing.


Jacquard Knit Fabric:

Polyester Spandex Jacquard Knit

Jacquard Knit fabric is a woven patterned fabric made with any type of yarn in both single and double knit. These fabrics get used for making clothes, and home décor items.

Jamdani Fabric:

Jamdani Saree

Jamdani is a type of Muslin cloth with decorative motifs woven on the loom. This fabric has a distinct weaving weft technique that helps to make saris, scarves, and even handkerchiefs.

Jersey Fabric:

Jerssy Fabric

Jersey fabric is a knit fabric made originally of wool yet there are other materials-wool, cotton, and fibers like synthetic. Jersey fabric gets used to make hosiery, shirts, and other garment product.



Khaki Fabric:

Khaki Fabric Swatch

Khaki fabric is a yellowish-brown colored fabric used for making military uniforms. It is heavy-duty cotton with a significant synthetic fiber blend in making weaves.

Kashmir Silk Fabric:

Kashmir Silk

It is a natural yet protein-made fiber that gets woven in form of textiles. Their primary material is silk intended to create soft and textured hats, thermal gear, and scarves.

Khadi Fabric:

Khadi Fabric

Khadi fabric is also a handwoven fabric made using charkha (a spinning wheel). The core materials are cotton, wool, and silk to make outfits like dhoti, kurta, and kind of handloom sarees, and silk cloths.

Kevlar Fabric:

Kevlar Fabric

Kevlar fabric is an aramid fiber type, mostly woven in nature. They are strong yet lightweight with heat and corrosion resistance. They get applied to making body armor, boats, car brakes, and bulletproof things.


Lace Fabric:

Lace Fabric

Lace fabric is a delicate, yet weblike fabric made of linen, silk, cotton, and other synthetic fibers. Its high breathability and low heat retention abilities help to make bridal gowns, accentuations, and upholstery.

Lawn Fabric:

Cotton Lawn Fabric

A plain weave type fabric made of cotton is recognizable as lawn fabric. With having higher thread count, the fabric provides a silky texture and gets used in making handkerchiefs, lawn suits, and other apparel.

Linen Fabric:

Pure Linen Fabric

Linen fabric is a natural fiber-flax plant-made durable fabric. It is heavy and bold and feels crisp in the first place. The application of this fabric is mostly in making household furnishings.

Leather Fabric:

Artificial Leather Fabric

Leather fabric is a tanned animal skin-made natural fiber. Because of its low breathability and high heat retention abilities, the fabric gets used in jackets, luggage, and automotive seats.

Lining Fabric:

Modal Lining Fabric

Lining fabric refers to wearable and sustainable fabric with soft textured material. It makes the apparel warm and durable. The main composition of this fabric is silk, cotton, wool, viscose, cupro, and Acetate. This fabric is applicable for making garments.

Liverpool Fabric:

Liverpool Fabric

Liverpool fabric is a textured knit fabric of low elasticity ratio and weight. The main materials of such fabrics is polyester and spandex, and they are used for making apparel and home furnishings.



Modal Fabric

Modal fabric is a fabric that tends to be eco-friendly with the making of beech tree cellulose through spinning. Also, the modal fabric gets used as a cotton alternative with the maximum uses on sportswear, t-shirts, and other breathable wear.

Mesh Fabric:

Mesh Fabric

Mesh fabric is known as power mesh or tulle that forms with a variety of synthetic fiber types. Because of its outstanding breathability, mesh fabric tends to be utilized in making athletic apparel- jerseys, shorts, and other wear.

Mélange Fabric:

Mélange Fabric

Melange fabric is a mixed-wave material of raw and dyed fibers. With the unique color effect and the textured pattern, mélange fabric uses in the denim and knitwear industry to make most apparel.

Microfiber Fabric:

Microfleece Fabric

Microfiber fabric is a synthetic material made fabric that gets formed through chemical spinning. Mostly, the materials are polyester, nylon, and wood. Microfiber fabric has the most applicability in upholstery and home furnishings.

Moss Crepe Fabric:

Moss Creape

Moss crepe is weaving the fabric of plain and dobby ones. The main composition material is rayon which creates a moss effect that gets blends with natural fibers. This fabric is lightweight in nature as a result, the fabric gets utilized in making jackets, shirts, shirts, and other office wear.

Moire Fabric:

Moire Fabric

Moire fabric is a rippled and patterned material of waviness that is used to make garments and household furnishings.

Muslin Fabric:

Muslin Fabric

Muslin is a plain-woven fabric made of cotton that makes it looseness. However, Muslin is enough breathable and versatile to be used as a function in making dresses, quilting, and home décor items.



Net Fabric:

Net Fabric

Net fabric is a form of an open mesh that gets constructed together by building knots. In most cases, net fabric uses for making fishing nets, for medical practices, and coating plastic and wax. Intending camping tents, and creating transparent compartments, net fabric works as a sturdy fabric one.

Neoprene Fabric:

Neoprene Fabric

Neoprene fabric is a durable and foamed bonded material of two separate fabric sheets of synthetic fibers. They maintain flexibility with proper stability on a variety of applications including apparel making.



Organza Fabric:

Organza Fabric

Organza fabric is silk or synthetic made plain weave fabric. Because of the sheerness and lightweight textures, organza fabric is commonly applicable for making dresses, and home furnishes.

Organdy Fabric:

Cotton Organdy Fabric

Organdy fabric is cotton-made yet the crispiest fabric type with semi-transparency. They get wrinkles easily but are suitable for making apparel for both children and all aged people.

Oxford Fabric:

Polyester Oxford Fabric

Oxford fabric is a kind of woven fabric where versatility is constant. The main application is on making casual shirts with collars that provide a professional look to anyone.

Ottoman Fabric:

Nylon Spandex Ottoman Fabric

Ottoman is a tightly woven fabric with lustrousness. The ottoman fabric gets used for making coats, upholstery, and any type of evening wear. There is an ottoman rib that provides a texture effect, mostly on sweaters.




Poplin Fabric:

Cotton Poplin Fabrics

Poplin fabric is a plain weave fabric made of cotton that provides a lustrous effect on the clothing surface. The fabric uses in making costumes for women and to make items like sportswear and rainwear.

Polar Fleece Fabric:

Polar Fleece

Polar fleece fabric is a soft-napped fabric made of polyester. This fabric is durable and is used for making winter attires (sweaters, jackets, hoodies), and other outdoor clothing.

Purl Knit Fabric:

Purl Knit

Purl knitting yarn is an alternate version of knit and purl stitched fabric. Knitting yarn works like a substitute knit to make bulky sweaters and other clothing cardigans pull over.

Pul Fabric:

Printed Pul Fabric

Pul or Polyurethane Laminate fabric is compound in nature with a wide applicability in the medical, garment, and automotive uses.

PU Fabric:

Polyurethane fabric

PU or Polyurethane is a polymer resin made of fiber and the main components are polyester, cotton, and nylon. The major application area of this fabric is upholstery and fast-food chain shop.

Peached Fabric:

Wool Peached Fabric

Peached fabric is a polycotton-made fabric that gets stretched during the dying process. They get applied to making casual napkins and different tablecloths.

Pongee Fabric:

Polyester Pongee Fabric

Pongee fabric is a medium-weight woven fabric made of wild silk. To make dresses, umbrellas, and other blouse-like items, there is no alternative to pongee fabric.

Punch Needle Fabric:

Punch Needle Fabric

Punch needle is a lightweight yet clean fabric that provides a reliable space for clothes and other sewing projects.

Plisse Fabric:

Plisse Fabric

Plisse fabric is a woven fabric made as a crinkled one with ridges and stripes. Plisse is a French word, yet the main usability is to make pajamas, shirts, bedspreads, and all.

Ponte Fabric:

Stretchy Ponte Fabric

Ponte fabric is a double-knit fabric made with a knitting machine to work on mainly double jerseys. It has a firm structure that helps to make different tunics, coatigans, leggings, and pants.

Power Mesh Fabric:

Power Mesh

The power mesh fabric is one of those light and breathable fabrics that provide comfort with better stretchability. This polyester-made fabric works heavenly in making uniforms, and fashion applications.

Ponte Roma Fabric:

Nylon Spandex Ponte Roma Fabric

Ponte Roma fabric is stretchable with good drape ability. It is a double-knitted fabric that comes in better durability. It gets utilized for making elegant tops, tunics, and other pant-like outfits.

Printed Fabric:

AOP Printed Fabric

Printed fabric or textile printing is a weaved material made of cotton, nylon, and wool. It is both washing and friction resistant to use as any type of decorative pattern.



Quilted Fabric:

Quilted Fabric

Quilted fabric is a three-layered fabric made of cotton, wool, and fleece. They get stitched based on regular intervals and used for clothing, accessories, home furnishings, and none other than making sportswear.


Rib Fabric:

Rib Fabric

Rib fabric is a double-faced reversible fabric intended to make neckbands, hems, cuffs, and t-shirts.

Raschel knit Fabric:

Raschel knit Fabric

They are heavy and lace-like textured yarn to make jackets, coats, and other outfits.

Rayon Fabric:

 Rayon Fabric

Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber made of cotton and felt like silk. The fabric is soft to the touch and has a sheer appearance in the fashion industry. They get used to making dresses and clothing for all ages of people.

Ripstop Fabric:

Ripstop Fabric

Ripstop fabrics are nylon-made woven fabrics with absolute resistance to tear ad rip. The main components are cotton, silk, polypropylene, etc. The main application areas are Outdoor tings-tents, banners, flags, etc.

Ramie Fabric:

Ramie Fabric

Ramie fabric is durable and applicable for textiles. The main component is plant and bast fiber. Due to its natural effects, Ramie fabric exceeds in advantages of the list of disadvantages. The fabric is mildew and bacteria-resistant.


Satin Fabric:

Slik Satin Fabric

Satin fabric is a weaving fabric that appears as a glossy and smooth material. Apart from its plain and twill weave, satin fabric is applicable for making clothing, evening wear, and home furnishings.

Single Jersey Fabric:

Single Jersey Fabric

Single Jersey fabric is a weft-knitted fabric with R-L plain knitting-like technique. This fabric is soft and stretchy with applicability on making T-shirts, sportswear, and underwear for all weather.

Sherpa Fabric:

Sherpa Fabric

Sherpa fabric has the components- cotton, polyester, and acrylic fibers that help to make clothing and winter apparel.

Spandex Fabric:

Spandex Fabric

Spandex fabric is a polyether-polyurea-made copolymer. The application is to make athlete wear, stretchable pants, and skinny suits.

Shell Fabric:

 Shell Fabrics

Shell fabric is a fabric of a warm outer layer like the jacket. Different training kits-wind shirts, jackets, and trousers are the main area of this fabric’s applications.

Serge Fabric:

Serge Fabric

Serge fabric is a twill-weaved type of fabric with ridges and diagonal lines. This fabric has a reversible pattern with making in military uniforms, suits, and other trench-like coats.

Schiffli Fabric:

Schiffli Fabric

Schiffli fabric is usually a lace-made fabric of machine-made that gets applied to make home décor items.

Seersucker Fabric:

Cotton Seersucker Fabric

To make versatile dresses, and shorts, we cannot think beyond using seersucker cotton made of thin fabric.

Scuba Fabric:

Polyester Scuba Fabric

A double-knit fabric made of polyester and spandex is known as scuba fabric. Its smooth texture helps to make dresses and leggings.

Suede Fabric:

Suede Fabric

Suede fabric is a leather form fabric made of animal hide. Its softness has turned suede to use in clothing and making shoes, and gloves.

Spacer Fabric:

3D Spacer Fabric

Spacer fabric is a module of a 3D framework where there pile of threads layers. Spacer fabrics are mostly seen in car seating padded areas to reduce vibration.

Sheeting Fabric:

Sheeting Fabric

Sheeting fabric is a breathable and extra-wide fabric made of cotton, polyester, and silk. In making sheets, pillow covers spreadsheets, and other bed-type linens, sheet fabrics get applied.

Softshell Fabric:

Softshell Fabric

Softshell fabrics mostly come in softshell jackets making the jacket smooth and softer. Because of the breathable woven membrane, the softshell fabrics provide better airflow and insulation facilities.


Terry Knitted Fabric:

Terry Knit Fabric

Terry knitted fabric is a woven warp-piled fabric used to make toweling, bathrobes, and beach outfits. It has a ring yarn or a type of terry covering on one or both sides.

Taffeta Fabric:

Taffeta Fabric

Taffeta fabric is composed of silk, rayon, and polyester. Because of its high breathability and light weight, taffeta fabric is applied to making wedding gowns, evening outfits, and home furnishings (curtains).

Tissue Fabric:

Tissue Fabric

Tissue fabric is man-made fiber intended for creating sarees and other women’s clothing. The main materials are silk, cotton, and kora silk.

Tricot Knit Fabric:

Tricot Fabric

Like other fabrics, Tricot is one of the warp-knit fabrics made of parallel loop rows to create an interlocked zigzag pattern. The applications of this fabric are for stretchy and comfortable apparel such as swimwear and sportswear.

Tencel Fabric:

Tencel Fabric

Tencel fabric is an excellent solution of absorbent and breathable materials. Mainly, the composite matter is rayon, viscose, and modal. Any casual wear and activewear apparel are Tencel-fabric made.

Taslan Fabric:

Polyester Taslan Fabric

Taslan fabric is a polyester-made high-tech fabric that tends to be durable enough to make winter clothes, including jackets, raincoats, and any type of windbreaker apparel.

Tweed Fabric:

Tweed Fabric

Tweed fabric is a natural fiber-made woven fabric that is soft. The main material is wool. To keep oneself warm, the tweed fabric gets utilized in jackets, pants, and other winter clothing.

Tulle Fabric:

Nylon Tulle

Tulle fabric is a sheer type of fabric that may look like a net one. Because of the better drape ability, the tulle fabric is mostly seen in bridal veils, gowns, and other ballet apparel. The main components are nylon, rayon, and silk.

Twill Fabric:

Linen Twill Fabric

Twill fabric is one of the weave-mode of textiles made of cotton. Mainly, twill fabrics are wrinkle-resistant, and crease-resistant which makes them comfortable in making jeans, and other furniture coverings.

TC Fabric:

TC Fabric

TC or Tetoron cotton is a polyester or cotton blended fabric where the ratio is 65:35. Sometimes, TC cotton comes from a 100% cotton fabric used mostly in making bedsheets.


Ultrasuede Fabric:

Ultrasuede Fabric

Ultrasuede fabric is an ultra-microfiber fabric made of recycled yet polyester-based fiber. The fabric is soothing-to-touch. Because of its color fastness and sagging resistance, Ultrasuede fabric gets used to making fashion, and other upholstery and equipment.


Velvet Fabric:


Velvet Fabric

Velvet fabric is a multi-layered fabric where the fibers are soft-to-touch. The thread of this fabric gets bunched together to make upholstery, evening wear, and any formal robes.

Voile Fabric:

Voile Fabric

Voile fabric is also a lightweight and plain weave made of cotton and blended cotton. With the higher thread count, the voile fabric contributes to making dresses for summer to make clothing breathable.

Velour Fabric:

Velour Fabric

A fabric that consists of cotton, leather, and any synthetic fiber is popularly known as Velour fabric. It is a pile-knit one with more durability and applications for making stage curtains, sweaters, tracksuits, and bathrobes.

Viscose Fabric:

Plain Viscose Fabric

Viscose is a lightweight material with great traceability of finishes. The main material of viscose fabric is wood pulp and bamboo. They tend to be semi-synthetic yet better for making apparel.

Velboa Fabric:


Veloba Fabric

Velboa fabric is a polyester-made, durable fabric with a soft and plush texture. The fabric gets realistic in both design and strength. As a result, they get utilized in making upholstery, pillows, drapery, home décor, and apparel of course.


Whipcord Fabric:

Whipcord Fabric

Whipcord fabric refers to cotton and wool-made manufactured fiber with a sturdy to heavyweight notion. They get used in making coats, uniforms, and any sportswear.

Worsted Fabric:

Worsted Fabric

Worsted is a high-quality wool yarn type fabric named Wostead according to a village. The weave of this worsted fabric is twill and plain. This fabric’s main application area is making suits and sweaters.

Waffle Fabric:

Waffle Fabric

Waffle fabric is honeycomb fabric materialled with the formation of tiny rectangles made by weaving and knitting. The main application areas are bathrobes, towels, wipes, and other cleaning materials like dish towels, and tissues.


Yoga Fabric:

Spandex Yoga Fabric

Yoga fabric is a thick and stretchy fabric made of polyester and nylon spandex. Intending to create a light synthetic material for yoga clothing, yoga fabrics get used.


Zigzag Fabric:

Zigzag Fabric

Zigzag fabric is a patterned made fabric of small corners with different angles that follow the path of zigzag parallel lines. The fabric is also known as a lockstitch geometry with a back-and-forth stitch. Their application is on sewing stretchy materials.

Final Words

The more understanding of the fabric, the merrier will be the creation. That is how we admire our textile understanding when the different types of fabrics always revolve around our heads whenever we think to make an item of durable clothing. Based on the material used and the applicability, the fabric does completely a different job. Some of them are applicable for clothing whereas many of them are applicable for both clothing and home decorations. Many of the fabric get vanished like Muslin without having the expected priority. We believe or not no fabric is out there without having a unique story to tell.



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